5 Kitchen Units to Add in Your Compact Kitchen – Infographic

Are you having some trouble organizing your compact kitchen for an upcoming remodeling project? Designing a small kitchen might require some careful planning since every space of the meal preparation area must be optimized for the purpose of upgrading its function and aesthetics.

Apart from applying an appropriate layout, your kitchen must be equipped with an adequate number of units to make your daily tasks more efficient, especially when cooking and washing the dishes.

To help you ramp up your kitchen unit options, here are five basic examples that you should consider adding to your compact kitchen:

5 Kitchen Units to Add in Your Compact Kitchen - Infographic


An ideal sink type for compact kitchens would be a single basin that measures around 14×14 inches. Single basin sinks can look better in tight spaces and are typically large enough for washing large pots and pans.


It’s impossible to imagine a kitchen without a unit solely designed for cooking. Compact kitchens are more than enough to host at least a stove with two burners. Double burner stoves have better heat control features, with some energy-efficient models currently available in the market.


For storing your food essentials, a medium-bar fridge with a freezer won’t occupy too much of your horizontal kitchen space. When looking for a fridge, make sure that you also go for an energy-efficient one to save up some bucks in your monthly bill.


You can still add up some counter space by integrating a standalone countertop in your kitchen layout plan. Standalone countertops are excellent space savers while providing the necessary space to prepare your ingredients and store a few items like spices.


Try measuring your available wall space and see if they can be mounted with a set of white upper cupboards. Cabinets with brighter colors tend to help make your kitchen appear a bit wider, not to mention they provide the necessary storage for your appliances. But in case you are looking for an alternative, you can try installing some open shelves instead.

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