5 Signs You Should Invest in Kitchen Remodeling

Is It Time To Revamp Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the focal points of any home. And when they don’t meet our needs, it becomes apparent quickly. No wonder kitchen renovations are one of the most-desired home improvement projects!

Here are our top 5 signs it’s time to consider updating your kitchen.

1) Outdated Cabinets

If tired old cabinets are making your kitchen feel dreary, you’re not alone. The obvious solution is to replace them entirely, but a full custom remodel isn’t in everyone’s budget.

Cabinet refacing is the perfect way to give that aging kitchen a fresh look, without breaking the bank. Doors and drawer fronts can be easily swapped out, giving you access to a whole new world of wood types, designs, and accessories.

Have a soft spot for your current setup, but realize that it needs some attention? For a real time- and money-saver, cabinet refinishing might be enough to restore your current kitchen to its original glory. Professional cleaning and re-staining can generally be done in a single day!

2) Inefficient Floor Plan

You don’t have to be a master architect to recognize when a kitchen is poorly planned. Too little countertop space for food preparation, over-sized islands separating the sink from the oven, no ideal place to keep garbage and recycling bins – and the list goes on.

A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to flip your floor plan upside down. Design consultants can help you create a space that flows naturally as you move about. After all, function is just as important as form!

3) Wasted Space

One thing we’ll see in many homes is a cabinet setup that doesn’t extend all the way to the ceiling, leaving a foot or more of empty room on top. There are a few good ways to reclaim that space. You might install extended cabinets with increased storage capacity, and some decorative crown molding to tie it all together. For an even easier fix, just add a decorative galley rail up top. This creates a wonderful space for decorative plants, baskets, knick-knacks – whatever fits your theme, really!

Another common situation, especially in older homes? Separate rooms for cooking and dining. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, an open and integrated floor plan is often preferred in modern kitchen design. If you’re finding your dining room to be underutilized, why not take out the separating wall?

4) Insufficient Storage

A common complaint from homeowners is that their kitchen lacks storage space. With plenty of options – including new cabinets, pull-out pantries, wall-mounted pot racks, and drawers tucked into kitchen islands – there’s always room to expand.

Good kitchen design is also about making the most efficient use of available space. That might mean finding a new place to keep bulk canned goods, cleaning supplies, and rarely-use appliances. If it’s not a part of your daily meal prep, it can probably be stored elsewhere.

5) Poor Ventilation

Kitchens mean cooking – and cooking means plenty of steam, smoke, and food aromas in the air. Ensure that you have an effective ventilation system, one that will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and looking clean.

Some cheaper, low-quality range hoods may simply recirculate stale air rather than venting it outdoors. This can create a lingering unpleasant odor in the room, and the airborne particles of grime will eventually settle on your walls, counters, and floor – definitely something to be avoided!

Does this sound familiar? If so, give Mr Cabinet Care a call today and schedule your free in home estimate.

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