5 Tips When Designing Your Small Kitchen – Infographic

More and more people are now starting to prefer having a smaller kitchen over the large ones. Ironically, the latest trends today in kitchen design remain to be best applied to full and open spaces.

Though minimal space has been considered to be a significant disadvantage as long as functionality is concerned, there is a variety of factors that makes small kitchen an excellent choice for many homes up to date.

If you have a small kitchen and in search of some ways of upgrading its aesthetic quality, try applying these five tips!

5 Tips When Designing Your Small Kitchen – Infographic

1. Stick with a simple layout

When deciding an appropriate layout for your small kitchen, avoid choosing strange or complicated or complicated ones. Instead, select a layout that can make three primary kitchen workspaces (the sink, refrigerator and stovetop) readily accessible.

2. Install Open Shelving

Stuffing your little cuisine with too much cabinetry is not a good idea if you have a limited kitchen space. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to remove your existing kitchen cabinets either. You can just opt for a more practical and space-efficient choice by converting it into a set of open shelves.

3. Don’t forget the light!

Considering the size of our kitchen, one of the most important things that you need to consider is a sufficient source of light. Remember that even the largest kitchens can look quite small if there’s not enough lighting around. Install recessed lighting on the ceiling together with under-cabinet lighting to improve your visibility while cooking at night!

4. Go for a specific color palette

Consider the color of your floor, the countertops and cabinets before choosing the color you want for your walls. Stick with a particular color palette, since applying to many colors in a restricted kitchen can make it look overwhelming. Try going for colors with natural wood tones combined with some traces of white and gray.

5. Accessorize your kitchen with function

Your small kitchen must be equipped with specific accessories that can provide a certain purpose. For instance, you can purchase beautiful jars to store little snacks and treats, a cute brush set, and a well-designed crock to host your cooking utensils!

Your kitchen may have limited space, but you can still have the best-looking kitchen by following these five simple tips!

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