5 Ways to Achieve a Kitchen Farmhouse Design – Infographic

The theme of the modern farmhouse has been one of the most popular kitchen designs of all time. By combining traditional, classic, and rustic elements, you can come up with a beautiful kitchen that looks extremely nostalgic and inviting. You also don’t have to make constant changes as it can rival almost any of the latest kitchen trends around.

Some people might believe that transforming your kitchen into a farmhouse design would take a lot of time not to mention a significant amount of bucks. But worry not – there are several easy ways as to how you can achieve a kitchen farmhouse look:

5 Ways to Achieve a Kitchen Farmhouse Design - Infographic


  • Go for the vintage details

One of the secrets of designing a kitchen farmhouse is by focusing on every possible detail, regardless of how significant they can be. Try installing decorative millwork or moldings, casing, and trim around the space to make it look like it came from a long lost era. The important thing here is that you fill your kitchen with decorations that are inlined with vintage elements like reclaimed wood sign and embroidered lace window elements.


  • Mix natural materials with the industrial ones

Though farmhouse style mainly exhibits a classic appearance, there’s no need to limit your imagination. Be adventurous by mixing a set of industrial materials that can allow the spaces to be culture-oriented. Examples include shiplap wrought iron fixtures and barn doors.


  • Combine the most unlikely pieces

Deviating from common knowledge is what makes farmhouse design stand out among the rest. This design’s main goal is to transform a space into something that looks as if it has been cultivated over the years. By mixing old and new pieces together, you can deliberately simulate this kind of appearance to your kitchen.

PRO TIP: If you want to improve the functionality of your farmhouse kitchen, try open shelving. Open shelving is a classic cabinet design that can be attained by removing the doors and drawers so that all of the stored items are fully exposed and can be easily grabbed when needed. But in case you don’t like open shelving then you can opt for replacing your doors with glass cabinets instead.


  • Consider the signature neutral palette

You can also combine all the vintage elements with distressed finishes through the cabinets themselves. Have additional cabinetry that is made from glazed or rustic wood finishes. This neutral palette allows your kitchen to be a timeless design and make it compete against other existing trends.


  • Reinforce your design with other antique decors

In order to fully attain the kitchen farmhouse look, you’ll need another set of rustic decorations to make it even more legit. Try visiting some nearby garage sales, flea markets and antique stores and see if you can find something interesting. But if you already have some old decorations like furniture, family heirlooms, etc., feel free to have them displayed.

When it comes in kitchen farmhouse design, your imagination’s the only limit indeed. Take heed of these five easy ways so that you can achieve the best kitchen style that you want!

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