5 Ways of Brighten up the darkest Corners and Spaces of Your Kitchen


5 Ways of Brighten up the darkest Corners and Spaces of Your Kitchen

No matter how beautiful a kitchen might be, enhancing its functionality is also a must. But what if you have a kitchen that excels in both aspects and there’s still something that bothers you every time you prepare your foods? In case it’s overall visibility you need, the best way of doing it is by investing in some high-quality lighting. Moreover, it must be positioned in ways that can spread out the light evenly throughout the whole area. And yes, it should include the darkest corners and spaces of your kitchen.

To make your kitchen even brighter, try out these other tricks:

Have under-cabinet lights to illuminate Countertop area

Under-cabinet lights are by far the best solution for dark kitchen working spaces. Since your countertop is most likely the busiest area of your kitchen (especially during food preparation), well-positioned under-cabinet lighting can keep your countertop bright during nighttime. Moreover, some under-cabinet lights are an excellent investment if you’re saving some money as they are equipped with energy-efficiency features.

Purchase Accent Kitchen Pendant Lighting

There are a lot of kitchen pendant lighting options available in the market today that can specifically focus on a single area that finds to be lacking in light. What’s more is that they vary in design which allows you to buy the ones that suit the overall style of your kitchen.

Install Dimmer Switches


Install Dimmer Switches

If you’re not familiar with dimmer switches, these handy devices can be connected to a light fixture and are used to adjust the brightness of the light. Add a dimmer switch on your existing under-cabinet lights or island pendant to create a cozy and inviting glow as you eat your dinner.

Make your kitchen unique and flexible with Curved Track Lighting

To light up the areas that don’t have any fixtures, try putting up a curved track lighting. This device can help soften up angular spaces and provides a un unique effect due to its curved appearance.

Remove or reposition anything that restricts the flow of natural light

Perhaps the reason as to why your kitchen corners and some areas appear to be so dark is because you’re positioning your kitchen stuff the wrong way. Have a look at your kitchen and see if there’s anything that blocks the flow of natural light in your kitchen. Are there any containers in the windowsill? Is your kitchen brimming with too many curtains? Get rid of them if you want to let natural light stream freely throughout your kitchen.


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