5 Ways to Spice up the Beauty of Your Kitchen Island – Infographic

Kitchen islands can be a valuable unit for every home. Apart from providing an additional working space for preparing meals, you can also upgrade your storage by equipping your island with a set of cabinets. If you wanted to turn your kitchen into a more sociable place, kitchen islands could also be a way to bring your family and guests together. Adding up some beautiful chairs to make your island looked like a mini- dining area is an emerging trend that is worth a try, especially if you are currently looking for a kitchen remodeling company.

If you want to learn more about the other ways to take the beauty of your kitchen to the next level using your island, this infographic is definitely for you. Read on!

5 Ways to Spice up the Beauty of Your Kitchen Island - Infographic


Tip #1: Use a Contrasting Color

Before installing a new island, you can try to paint it with a color that can contrast with your kitchen’s existing color scheme. This will help turn your island into a highly-appealing focal point that is meant to become the central area of your kitchen design.

Tip #2: Go for Hidden Storage

Kitchen islands can be used as an excellent place to keep any formation of clutter at bay. If you can create some hidden storage on your island that acts as recycling bins, then you will save a lot of space for your kitchen in the long run.

Tip #3: Consider Adding Some Bookshelves

Are you having some trouble with your growing collection of cookbooks? Your kitchen island might offer the best storage solution that is quite uncommon, even for modern kitchens.

Tip #4: Maximize Your Kitchen Space with Integrated Appliances

Another space-saving tip when it comes to your kitchen island is that you can make it appear more contemporary by installing it with a set of integrated appliances. Choose whatever appliance you want, be it a microwave oven or a small wine fridge, and see how it looks way cooler than before.

Tip #5: Try Choosing a Freestanding Island

A freestanding island is a flexible alternative to its traditional counterparts. Imagine a kitchen island that doesn’t occupy too much space, and since it is not mounted on your flooring, you can basically place it anywhere you like. How’s that for convenience?

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