How to Add Colors to a Neutral Kitchen

July 30, 2020

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How to Add Colors to a Neutral Kitchen

Neutral kitchens are known for having a flexible design that can work with almost any theme, be it traditional, contemporary, or transitional. If you wanted your kitchen space to appear larger, a consistent touch of neutral colors such as black, white, or gray could usually make the job done. There is a mysterious and subtle charisma that always comes with neutral kitchens, as more homeowners are pretty much leaning for this kind of design, especially when availing a kitchen remodeling project.

Perhaps the only problem with using neutral shades is that it can make a kitchen look extremely pale and boring without the application of any of conventionally appealing colors. Fortunately, kitchen designers have found a solution by taking advantage of the neutral colors’ ability to complement with different color schemes that can be usually found in other kitchen units.

This article will cite some of the best examples of how you can add more colors to a neutral-toned kitchen:

Designate an Accent Wall

An accent wall refers to a particular wall that can be designed or painted in ways that are entirely different from the other walls in a specific area. If you have a neutral kitchen surrounded with grey or white-colored walls, you can try to spice up space by designating an accent wall that can serve as your kitchen’s main focal point. You can have your accented wall painted with a relaxing color like blue, or any form of darker hues if your kitchen sports a bright white wall.


The least expensive in this list, textiles can enhance a neutral kitchen by simply placing them in the right locations, specifically everywhere that can attract attention, like the walls, flooring, cabinets, etc. Notable examples include window treatment, area rugs, and hanging potholders.

Accessorize your Countertop

A well-made kitchen countertop is another excellent provider of space for incorporating non-neutral colors in your kitchen. Consider installing accessories or any sort of decorations, like a basket or vase full of different fruits to turn your counter into a livelier surface.

Set up some Furniture

For open-concept kitchens that exhibit a neutral color palette, adding furniture is not only ideal for establishing boundaries separating multiple kitchen stations, but it can also help in introducing varying shades of colors as well. Adding bold-colored wooden chairs and tables can improve the visual interest of your dining area or kitchen isle.

Small Appliances

Same principle with having accessories on your countertop, purchasing new kitchen appliances with exciting and vibrant colors can give a dose of life to a dull-looking neutral space. Just remember to pay attention to both design and functionality if you want to decorate your kitchen with aesthetically pleasing appliances.

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