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Backsplash Bingo: 5 Creative Ways to Add Color in the Kitchen

Backsplash Bingo: 5 Creative Ways to Add Color in the Kitchen

#1 From Bland to Bam!

#1 From Bland to Bam!

Img Credit: Arto Brick

“When it comes to a kitchen backsplash, most consumers stick with safe (white or shades of grey) even though it’s a great spot to experiment and add color. People often want color in their space but don’t know exactly how to approach it. In another six months to a year I think color tile will be more accessible for everyone to use.”

– Impresario Armen Alajian, ARTO Brick

Backsplash Bingo 5 Creative Ways to Add Color in the Kitchen

If you are feeling artsy and want to do something about your color

craving, consider experimenting with abstract art. You can add unique color combinations to ceramics and even concrete. Here is a creative example from our friends at ARTO Brick:





#2 Accent with One Color

#2 Accent with One ColorInstead of keeping your walls white, you can accent with one cohesive backsplash color. In this Huntington Beach kitchen remodel, we added a pale blue brick pattern to the wall behind the sink. This looks beautiful paired with textured quartz countertops.






#3 Customize your Cabinetry and Backsplash

#3 Customize your Cabinetry and Backsplash

In this eclectic kitchen, the homeowner decided to spotlight her favorite color, a dark teal. Not only did she paint her custom cabinets this color, but she brought out teal in the tile and patterned backsplash behind her farmhouse sink. This way the eye focuses on the colored cabinets, and the subtle backsplash acts as an agent to bring the overall look together.














#4 Make it a Focal Point

#4 Make it a Focal Point

There’s no better place to experiment with patterns in the kitchen than with your backsplash. In this contemporary space, the homeowner wanted to create a focal point with a patterned backsplash. With a unique geometric design and a pop of blue, this backsplash is the perfect contrast to its stark white cabinetry counterpart.







#5 Bigger Isn’t Always Better

#5 Bigger Isn’t Always Better This beautiful mosaic-inspired backsplash is called the Montage Valise 2 and it’s definitely well-suited for anyone going for a more rustic look.  These small squares stack up to create a distinct look. The rich warm hues are perfect for a welcoming atmosphere!








Special thanks to blog contributors Arto Brick and SomerTile.

Blog post by: Bethany Michaels on Google+