Bad Habits that Degrade Your Kitchen’s Functionality

Bad Habits that Degrade Your Kitchen’s Functionality

As the main area dedicated to accomplishing your daily meal preparation tasks, it is your responsibility as the owner to maintain the optimal condition of your kitchen. If you recently moved to a new home and finally got a deal from a kitchen remodeling company, you have to consider how you will use your kitchen afterward. Keep in mind that you have to practice utmost care when utilizing different units in your kitchen to make the most out of a kitchen remodeling service.

Many tools used for cooking and several kitchen working areas like the sink and the countertop are designed to sustain damages brought by everyday activities. However, since the kitchen is considered to be the busiest part of a home, it is no doubt that the functionality of such a room will quickly degrade over time.

One reason behind the degradation of kitchens is negligence on the part of the owner. This article will discuss some of the everyday habits that can worsen the functionality of your kitchen.

Relying Too Much on Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

Vinegar can be a suitable cleaning agent for your floor and countertops, but NOT FOR ALL types of surfaces. Some countertop materials like granite can wear down quickly when applied with an acidic solution like vinegar. The same rule applies with lemon (which does not stray too far from white vinegar in terms of acidity), so it is much safer to look for more appropriately formulated cleaning agents currently available in the market.

Overusing Sponges

Cleaning your dishes every day will be never more convenient without the help of a kitchen sponge, but did you know that sponges are one of the dirtiest items found in the kitchen? According to a study conducted by German researchers, every square centimeter of a sponge is home to a whopping 4 billion microbes like E Coli and other disease-causing bacteria. The more frequent you use the same sponge, the more it harbors germs in the process. Replacing your sponge with a new one on a weekly basis can help prevent the contamination of bacteria on your dishes. While it might be expensive for some people, buying a pack of sponges can save you more money than risking a week in the hospital or two.

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Forgetting to Clean Your Sink

Similar to your other kitchen units and appliances, sinks can cost you more money in the long run if you let thick piles of grime linger on its drain. Include the sink to the list of your cleaning tasks and get rid of every stuff trapped within its drain catcher. Use both water and disinfectant to eliminate any traces of bad smell on its surface and pour a mixture of warm water down the drain. Repeat the process at least once per week.

Preferring Paper Towels Over Cloth Towels

Disposable paper towels might be more convenient to use when wiping off the spills on your counter surface, but cloth towels can actually do better. Cloth towels possess better traction, allowing more stains to be removed, and way cheaper than regularly buying a box of paper towels. You can always include your cloth towels in your laundry every time they get too dirty.

Misusing Knives

Knives are your most essential tools for preparing meals. They are specially designed for slicing and cutting ingredients, and using them for other purposes can be detrimental to their functionality and your safety. Avoid opening packages or cans with your knife, and always use them on a cutting board surface, or you will risk damaging its blades. Try to invest in a knife block or dedicate a drawer on your cabinets for securing the storage of your cutting tools.

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