Kitchen Storage Solutions

For many Americans, kitchen storage solutions allow the kitchen to be productive and not cluttered. The kitchen is the gathering place for friends and families. It’s where gossip is shared over a cup of coffee, where snacks are made for the football game, and where kids do their homework while sneaking a cookie.

So when you don’t have the right amount of space to hold all your groceries, over-sized cups from trips to the zoo, and that extra case of water your spouse picked up at Costco and can’t live without, it starts to get a little crowded in your kitchen. That’s why you need to maximize your kitchen space with beautiful, original designs from Mr. Cabinet Care.

Kitchen Storage Solutions and Making A House A Home

Each Orange County resident and homeowner has a different vision for their kitchen, because they each use them in widely different ways. But whether you’re practicing to become a world-renowned chef, hosting friends each week, or stuck with cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, you need clever storage that matches your kitchen cooking habits.

Now, after years of providing cabinet kitchen storage solutions for people all over the area, we’ve created a small list of some of the most unique kitchen storage solutions that we can design to fit all kinds of kitchen styles.

Hidden Trashcans

A trashcan is smelly, distracting and takes up valuable floor space for guests. We can create a slide out trashcan platform that easily hides your waste beneath the countertop so it doesn’t have to be an eye (or nose?) sore.

Pull Out Pantries

Traditional cabinets will always be in style, but when you have limited pantry space you have to be creative. Mr. Cabinet Care can design pull out pantries that look fit alongside your regular cabinets, so you can enjoy a more vertical solution that’s accessible from two sides!

Islands With Secrets
Kitchen Island With Storage
Kitchen Island With Storage

A kitchen island takes up a big section of your kitchen, so you need it to do more than simply offer a countertop with minimal cabinet space.

Kitchen islands can be designed with pull out pantries or even with built-in bar stools that rotate to offer more seating!

Crockery Drawers

It seems like we have more dishes than we do cabinets to hold them.

If that’s the case for you, we suggest crockery drawers that are built to hold your dinner plates, cereal bowls, and fine China in a more accessible way. And with movable pegs within the drawers, you can maneuver them to fit all your dishware needs.

Tired of the clutter and looking for better kitchen storage solutions? Contact Mr. Cabinet Care today to get a FREE consultation!