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Cabinet Construction

The cabinet box or carcase is virtually the skeleton of the cabinet. At Mr. Cabinet Care we hand-make each cabinet box with high-quality Duracore™ plywood, which provides a strong foundation and is resistant to warping. Stiffness and strength are important factors in cabinet construction. The cabinet box is expected to maintain its shape over time and keep its supportive frame. One chief element that contributes to a cabinet’s strength is the thickness of the components.

At Mr. Cabinet Care we do not cut corners with the quality of work we deliver and we commit ourselves to offering the best choice for strength. All  our cabinet boxes are manufactured with measurements that ensure the greatest longevity, durability and strength.The inner box components are composed of 3/4″ thick Duracore™ plywood and our finished end panels are 1″ thick –  providing the thickest, most durable end panel in the industry. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we offer frame and frameless constructed cabinet boxes. Each option provides distinct benefits.

A face frame offers strength to the front of a cabinet and provides a nice visual design element. Before the introduction of modern engineering, framed cabinets were originally constructed using narrow strips of hardwood to frame the cabinet box. This process was time consuming and inefficient. With today’s technology, we’ve discovered the advancement of using solid wood face frames along the entire front face of the cabinet.

At Mr. Cabinet Care we offer custom-built framed cabinets. Using the next generation in plywood, our Landmark cabinetry is built with a front face-frame around the cabinet opening to which the cabinet door is attached. The cabinet doors are attached directly on the face-frame itself.

With a modified overlay, doors and drawer fronts are oversized to show 1″ of the face frame on top and bottom and 1/4″ of the face frame on the sides.

With a traditional overlay, doors and drawer fronts overlay the face frame 1/2″ on each side of door and drawer opening leaving a 1″ reveal on all sides of the face frame.

Frameless cabinets generally provide better utilization of space than face-frame cabinets because they are designed to accommodate interior components like pull-out drawers, spice racks, and trays.The emergence of frameless cabinet style dates back to the mid 1900’s. The housing destruction from the aftermath of World War II caused a revival in the cabinet design industry. Many improvements were made in the rebuilding process.

Inspired by Eurpoean design, frameless cabinets are more streamline in construction and achieve a more modern style. At Mr. Cabinet Care we offer Infinity cabinetry built without a face frame, to offer a more contemporary feel.

Frameless cabinets are built with minimal space between the drawers and doors, which will maximize functionality with greater interior storage and drawer space.

An important design element for the interior of cabinets includes organizing kitchen utensils and maximizing space. Whether your cabinets are framed or frameless in design, pull out drawers in lower cabinets allow for easier accessibility and provides relief from uncomfortable crouching to access kitchen supplies.

A benefit of frameless cabinet construction includes a better usage of space because drawer boxes can be sized to the interior opening; whereas frame cabinet construction requires more noticeable usage of interior space

The improvement of kitchen design can be attributed in part to ergonomic research, but mainly it’s a result of natural transitions over the years. To accommodate culture and growing families, modern kitchens feature more cabinets and are larger in size.

New improvements include: pull-out drawers, tip out trays, double trash bin drawers, pull-out spice drawers, super susans, and Blu motion technology, a mechanism which enables drawers to shut quietly. Browse our accessory gallery to see more.

Today many homeowners face the problem of outdated kitchen design. At Mr. Cabinet Care we offer expert services to help update your space. From a complete kitchen remodel to a simple 1-day cabinet refinishing process, call us at (714) 961-1900 to get a free in home estimate.