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After a certain number of years, every kitchen begins to feel a bit stale. Looking at the same appliances, cupboards, drawers, wallpaper and other items in your kitchen grows a bit old. You can spice things up in this highly frequented portion of your home by adding a few new accessories. Ally with Mr. Cabinet Care for a kitchen remodel project and you will be able to choose from an array of new kitchen accessories that enhance the room’s function and form.

From spice drawer inserts to tip out trays, double bin trash with blu motion technology, white laminate drawer boxes, half moon lazy susans and beyond, we have all sorts of cool add-ons that will boost your kitchen’s utility and beauty.

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Learn About Our Kitchen Accessories

Under Cabinet Led Lights

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the space around your kitchen cabinets and counters illuminated? Let our kitchen remodeling team install some lovely under cabinet lights in your kitchen and you’ll be able to see that much better when slicing, dicing, scooping, blending, and looking for cookware.

Built-in Cabinet Plate Rack

Have a cabinet plate rack built directly into your kitchen and you’ll enjoy the luxury of a cutting edge kitchen. Your plates and cooking trays will be lined up in an organized fashion. This rack makes them that much more accessible thanks to their convenient positioning.

Open Corner Shelving

This kitchen feature empowers you to store anything you’d like on the outside portion of your counter or island. You won’t have to open any doors to access dishes, spices, or anything else you’d like to be immediately accessible.

Pull Out Trays

Pull out trays empower you to slide your kitchen items right on out from a cabinet. This way, you won’t have to kneel down and reach into those lower cabinets to grab your desired item.

Half Moon Lazy Susan

This ingenious invention is perfect for Southern California homeowners who would like for their spices, baking items, crackers, cookies and other goodies presented to them in an artful manner. The half moon lazy susan unfolds outward when you open the cabinet door, improving access and creating additional storage space.

Utensil Drawer Insert

This insert will keep your cooking utensils perfectly organized, regardless of how large or small they are.

Peg Board Drawer Insert

The peg board drawer insert uses pegs to divide dishes and other items placed in drawers. It provides a helpful function but also looks quite chic as well.

Super Susan

This kitchen feature makes it much easier to access stored items and looks really cool to boot.

Spice Drawer Insert

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your spices laid out in an organized fashion in a drawer? Have this insert installed and all you’ll have to do is open your drawer and you’ll be able to access your favorite spices with ease.

Pull Out Spice Drawer

This beauty is a spice rack that slides right on out, providing you with easy access to perfectly organized spices.

White Laminate Drawer Box

Jazz up your kitchen drawers with this beautiful inlay.

Tip Out Tray

Pull this tray on out from beneath your kitchen sink, tip it down and you’ll have a beautiful multipurpose surface.

Dove Tail Plywood Drawer Box

This drawer addition provides your kitchen with a subtle touch that makes a big difference.

Double Bin Trash With Blu Motion

This drawer addition provides your kitchen with a subtle touch that makes a big difference.

Double Bin Trash With Blu Motion

Think of how nice it would be to have your trash bins slide on out without hindrance of any sort. Add this snazzy kitchen feature and you’ll have access to two large bins that roll right on out with ease.

Single Bin Trash

The days of keeping a trash can in the corner of the kitchen are long gone. Have a single bin trash installed in your kitchen and you’ll be able to keep all your garbage out of sight. This bin slides on out from the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, keeping those odors and bugs far away.

16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink

This gorgeous sink gives your kitchen some much-needed sparkle and shine.

Knobs and Handles

The addition of new handles or knobs to your drawers and cupboards might seem minor yet they make a major difference in terms of looks and feel.

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