Cherry Wood Cabinets in Southern California

Cherry Wood Cabinets in Southern California

If you have grown dissatisfied with the look and feel of your kitchen, it is time to make some changes. You don’t necessarily have to go all out with a top-to-bottom remodel. In some instances, switching out those antiquated cabinets for some lovely new cherry wood cabinets will give this important space a much-needed injection of life. Give cherry wood cabinets a chance and you will begin to look forward to preparing meals in your kitchen.

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Why Choose Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

“Cherry is a darker, richer wood. All of our stain colors appear darker and richer than they do on other lighter woods like Alder and Beech. Cherry also tends to darken a little over time, contributing to its unprecedented beauty.” – Kristen, Mr. Cabinet Care Design Consultant

On the surface, kitchen cabinets might seem like a fairly minor feature. Yet in reality, kitchen cabinets are vitally important to the aesthetic and function of your kitchen. You look at and touch your cabinets each time you grab dishes, spices, and snacks. Their presence makes up a significant component of this space in terms of optics as well as functionality. Don’t live with those outdated kitchen cabinets any longer. Upgrade to brand new cabinet cherry wood and you’ll look forward to spending time in this section of your home!

Learn More About Cherry Wood Cabinets

Those who work in the kitchen customization and renovation industry laud cherry wood cabinets for a myriad of reasons. Cherry wood is stunning in terms of its visual flair. It has a rich hue along with an eye-catching grain composition. Your cherry wood cabinets will feature lovely knots and other granular nuances that are quite pleasing to the eyes. Cherry wood colors are a combination of red and brown that mesh perfectly for the ultimate visual feast.

Give your cherry wood cabinets a few years to mature and their colors will continue to deepen. This seemingly magical transition occurs as the cabinets are exposed to the sun’s rays. It won’t take long at all for your cherry cabinets to slightly darken to a richer hue that immediately attracts your gaze and a flurry of compliments from your guests.

Add in the fact that cherry wood for cabinets is quite durable and it is easy to see why so many Southern California homeowners are adding this beautiful material to their kitchen. The typical cherry tree lasts quite a while, with some standing tall for over two centuries. Let the Mr. Cabinet Care team install cherry wood cabinets in your kitchen and you won’t have to spend a second worrying about warping. Even if the humidity spikes, your new cherry wood cabinets won’t change in the slightest. This wood comes in at a Janka Hardness level of 995, meaning they will stand the test of time. This rigidity is precisely why the original American colonists used cherry wood for some of their home furnishings.

However, this does not mean that cherry wood cabinets are overly rigid and hard. They are actually quite smooth to the touch and easy to carve. Though this wood is a bit more expensive than other varieties, it pays for itself over time as it outlasts almost every other type of cabinet material.

Get Custom Cherry Cabinets in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and L.A.

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