Five Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen – Infographic

Despite the emergence of the newest trends in kitchen design, traditional remains to be one of the most popular styles nowadays. The open space, paired with natural elements, can still provide the same level of appeal that can compete with the sophisticated contemporary designs.

Perhaps the only issue is that people often get confused as to what an elegant traditional kitchen must look like. It can be easy for some to make the mistake of merely emulating the kitchens of the past without considering functionality. The real traditional kitchen styles that you see on the web are also capable of making daily kitchen chores faster and more convenient to accomplish.

If you’re opting to follow a traditional theme for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, you better pay attention to some of the most essential details. Here are five characteristics of a traditional kitchen:

Five Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen - Infographic

Natural Materials

A defining feature of the traditional kitchen is the use of natural materials. To achieve a layered look, stained wood and patterned stones are usually mixed in the design. Unlike modern kitchens that utilize technology to make the elements look sleek, the traditional ones tend to highlight the natural imperfections of wood and stone to serve as additional details.

Neutral Color Palette

Traditional kitchens tend to share the same color palette. Warm and cool neutral colors such as deep cherry and light beige look the best in classical design. The natural color of wood and earth can provide more emphasis on the other important elements.

Decorative Accessories

Older kitchens pay more attention to smaller details, especially in design. You can make good use of any extra space you have with furniture, chandeliers, etc. Another way of introducing classical design to your kitchen is by tweaking the architecture of the room like adding up some corbels.

Quartz Countertops

Countertops can give your traditional kitchen a taste of luxury and elegance. Try purchasing neutral-colored quartz countertops and see how it will further transform your kitchen for the better. Quartz countertops come with a lot of benefits as well, due to its non-porous properties which can resist stains.

Recessed Cabinetry

You can take advantage of customizing your kitchen cabinets as these units can take up a significant amount of the kitchen’s visual space. Always ask your contractor for a raised or recessed cabinetry. These types of cupboards possess elaborate profiles and aesthetically pleasing moldings.  Recessed cabinets are quite common in traditional kitchens where they are typically endowed with decorative inserts like metal or glass mesh similar to what can be generally seen in the dining room.

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