How to Choose the Best Under Cabinet Lighting – Infographic

Are you planning to have under cabinet lighting for your kitchen? Brightening up your kitchen with this light fixture comes with a lot of benefits. Some under cabinet lighting especially those that utilize LED light have energy-efficient features that can help you to spend less on your energy bills. They are also quite easy to install unlike other available lighting fixtures in the market.

But perhaps the main reason why under cabinet lighting is quite popular amongst many homeowners nowadays is that they can improve visibility in one of the most important parts of the kitchen – the meal prep area usually found below the upper cabinets.

Here are some of under cabinet specs that you must be aware of before purchasing under cabinet lighting for your kitchen:How to Choose the Best Under Cabinet Lighting - Infographic

The Light Source

Under cabinet lighting has three types of light sources:

  • Fluorescent – An energy-efficient light source which emits less heat, but is usually not dimmable
  • Xenon – This light source can emit warm light at full dimming capacity but gets even more heated when used in a longer duration.
  • LED – The most energy-efficient choice among the three and can emit light with almost without traces of heat and are often dimmable.

The Shape

Under cabinet lighting can be availed in two different shapes:

  • Linear – Its elongated shape can emit a uniform light that spreads all around the entire meal prep surface.
  • Puck – Can effectively provide pools of light in specific areas due to its circular shape. This under cabinet lighting is an ideal choice if you wanted to focus more light on a meal prep area.

The Installation Process

Under cabinet lighting can be installed by two installation types:

  • Surface mounted – This fixture installs the lighting right on the surface of the cabinet, which makes the whole fixture exposed.
  • Recessed – The under-cabinet lighting is installed in a way that hides the junction box within the cupboard.

The Power Source

In order to work properly, under cabinet lighting must use any of the following power sources:

  • Batteries – It enables the light fixture to be wireless and be used any time even in the event of an unexpected power outage.
  • Hardwired – Connects the fixture to the main power source by internal wiring.
  • Plug-in – Utilize cords that can be plugged-into a near electrical outlet.

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