Choosing the Right Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen


Knobs and pulls, apart from their functions, can also serve as vital pieces for your kitchen design. You can mix and match your kitchen cabinet knobs to create a pleasing effect. But to make the most out of your cabinets, here are some of the things to know when selecting the ideal knobs and pulls:

Mixing Finishes to Create an Aesthetic Effect

Combining finishes is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and DIY-ers alike. It can be a great way to add personality to your home and create a cohesive look.

You can use two metals or mix different finishes on different accessories to create a distinctive effect that will add depth to your space. The key is to choose finishes that complement each other rather than clashing or being too similar.

While you may think you can’t mix finishes in your kitchen, you can do it safely. For example, most interior designers agree that mixing metallics is fine, and they suggest placing different metals next to each other before installing them. You can also mix different shades of metals to create beautiful effects in your kitchen.

Center-To-Center Measurement

Before you can replace knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinetry, you need to know the Center-to-Center measurement of your existing hardware. This measurement is a guide that will help you choose new hardware that will fit your cabinetry.

To get the Center-to-Center size, you should take your existing pulls off and measure from one center hole to the center of the next one. You can use this measurement to help determine whether or not mounting holes will need to be drilled. In addition, it will help you level the new hardware to avoid a lopsided appearance.

Knobs and pulls can be installed with one screw from the back of the cabinetry, while handles require two screws. If you’re not confident with drilling holes, it’s best to hire a professional to install the hardware.

Be sure to provide a sample of the hardware you’d like to use before the job. The type of knobs or pulls you choose will depend on the style of your kitchen.

Choosing Between Modern and Traditional Styles

When choosing knobs and pulls for your kitchen, there are several factors to consider. First, they need to blend with the overall style of your kitchen. Additionally, they need to be comfortable to use. The final decision on knobs and pulls usually depends on your personal preference.

While kitchen knobs and pulls come in many shapes and styles, they are often grouped into two general categories: modern and traditional. Choosing between these two styles will depend on your personal preferences, the design of your cabinets, and other features of your kitchen. However, modern knobs and pulls are great if you aim for a minimalistic look. On the other hand, traditional-style knobs and pulls are great for a rustic look.

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