Common Kitchen Cabinet Issues and How to Solve Them


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Because besides the usual meal preparations, this is where many bonding activities with your friends and loved ones occur.

Therefore, keeping your kitchen as functional as possible is essential.

Cabinets play an important role in keeping your kitchen functional. They can be a storage space for your food stock or kitchen materials, like cookware, dinnerware, utensils, etc.

Common Kitchen Cabinet Issues and How to Solve Them

Ways to Fix Common Kitchen Cabinet Issues

Like everything else in your kitchen, cabinets also have a lifespan, and you will most likely encounter kitchen cabinet issues as they age. Fortunately, there are numerous ways how to solve these problems.

●     Warped Cabinets

If you notice your kitchen cabinet Orange is starting to warp, the first culprit you have to think of is moisture.

Moisture develops basically from any activity you do in your kitchen, whether cooking, washing the dishes, or eating meals. This is why kitchens have to have proper air ventilation.

When moisture develops in your kitchen cabinets, the wood may expand and create pockets where the water can sneak in.

To avoid this from happening, it is important to wipe any spilled liquid on the doors or inside the cabinet. However, if the damage gets too bad, replacing them with new ones might be the best solution.

●     Peeling

Another damage due to moisture is peeling. When this happens, you can simply dry the cabinets and apply wood veneer over the damaged part.

Make sure you purchase a good quality wood veneer.

On the other hand, if you do not like using wood veneer, you can do a cabinet refacing La Verne by repainting your cabinets. This way, you will be giving them a brand-new look.

●     Crooked Doors

Crooked cabinet doors have got to be one of the most minor yet irritating cabinet issues. However, this problem can happen, especially if your kitchen cabinets are already of old age.

Luckily, crooked cabinet doors are easy to fix. All you have to do is to tighten a few screws on the hinges. Remember that the depth of the screw is what you have to adjust. To do this, simply loosen the screw and tap the door into place before tightening the screw back.

If tightening the screw did not solve the problem, consider replacing the entire hinge.

●     Loose Knobs

Apart from loose hinges, loosened knobs are another annoying kitchen cabinet issue. When this happens to your cabinets, you may use thread adhesive to hold them in their place. Trying to twist them back into their original position would not help solve the issue.

●     Poor Maintenance

While there are situations wherein cabinets get damaged easily due to poor manufacturing, there are also instances where cabinet issues are due to poor maintenance.

You must understand that although it takes good craftsmanship to ensure that a cabinet will last long, you must also exert effort to sustain them.

You can do this by simply cleaning them regularly. In addition, fixing existing cabinet issues right away can also help in maintaining your cabinets.


Encountering problems in your kitchen can be stressful, even if they are just about the most trivial detail, like your cabinets. This is why you must ensure that the quality of your cabinets can stand the test of time from the get-go.

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