How to Create a West Indies Kitchen – Infographic

Are you looking for a specific kitchen style with a touch of a tropical theme? Then perhaps a West Indies kitchen can be an excellent and unique option that you might want to consider if you are planning for a kitchen remodeling project. But first, you need to know several things in order to familiarize yourself with the concepts surrounding this promising design.

How to Create a West Indies Kitchen - Infographic


The term “West Indies” refers to a group of Caribbean islands discovered by the famous Italian navigator and explorer, Christopher Columbus, in 1492. In an attempt to find a faster route to the “Indies” (which initially describes the lands of South and Southeast Asia), Columbus set out westward from Spain until he reached one of the tropical islands of Bahamas. Believing that he arrived at the Indies, the name got stuck with the islands, but later expeditions proved that Columbus had made a mistake. Nonetheless, the islands were instead renamed the West Indies to avoid further confusion with the original Indies, now widely known as East Indies.

In the context of kitchen design, West Indies style derives from a mix of different tropical cultures, particularly those that came from the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia, Africa, China, all combined with a bit of European influence.


You can introduce some elements of decorative West Indies design to your kitchen through the following:

Furniture with Tropical Carvings and Artistic Pottery

Wood is a critical factor in making the selected spaces in your kitchen look more tropical. Consider putting some furniture (preferably Mahogany) with intricate carvings, as well as pottery with luscious houseplants for an added aesthetic and natural effect.

Brown Color Palette

Cherrywood and Mahogany are two of the most common colors found in a typical West Indies Kitchen. You can also try other assortments of sun-baked and vibrant wooden colors like Elm, Cedar, and Walnut.

Tropical-Styled Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are now highly customizable to match your existing kitchen design. In the case of designing a West Indies kitchen, all you need to do is to look for a list of cabinet styles that belongs to the tropical category. Search for the ones with door styles that are ornate and heavily detailed. As for the finishing, prefer choosing a stained wood with a warm undertone from a darker color palette.

Granite Countertop

Granite has a natural look that works well with the decorative elements present in a West Indies kitchen. You can opt for a neutral-colored granite countertop to invite some brightness and cozy vibes to the brownish kitchen space.

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