Creative Ways of Using Color Red in the Kitchen – Infographic

Do you want to do something new for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project? Then perhaps you want to spice up the look of your kitchen with a splash of red!

The use of red in kitchen design is quite popular among those that follow eclectic, modern, and farmhouse styles. While it can be a relatively simple job to paint your kitchen with red, there are some methods of how you can effectively take advantage of this color to provide the entire room with an energetic vibe.

Try out these creative ways of using the color red in the kitchen!

Creative Ways of Using Color Red in the Kitchen - Infographic

Go for Red Appliances

If you wanted to have a red kitchen without being too abusive with using the color, you could spread reddish elements all over the room with red appliances. Take a tour in the market and look for some red-colored kitchen appliances to provide some sense of uniqueness to your kitchen.

But in case you don’t have an extra budget to purchase additional appliances, opting for one appliance will do as red is already a strong and attractive color which is enough to give a strong impression.

Use Red with a Combination of Black and White

Let the red elements be the center of attention by incorporating black and white elements into your kitchen. For example, you can turn your red open shelving become the focal point by installing a white farmhouse sink and some splashes of gray or black cabinetry.

Install Red Cabinetry

You can have your old kitchen cabinets refaced or replace them with the new custom-made ones. Regardless of your choice, installing red kitchen cabinets is an ideal way to brighten up country-cabin-style cabinetry that oozes with rustic vibes.

Match Red Lower Cabinets with a Wooden Flooring

Another excellent color combination that is widely applied in the rustic-styled kitchen nowadays is red and light brown. The best way to incorporate red and light brown mixture is by opting for red lower cabinetry and a maple or oak wooden flooring.

Install Red Countertops

With lots of color options to choose from, there’s no way that you won’t be able to install some beautiful red countertops for your kitchen. Pair them up with neutral-colored kitchen units like your cabinets and tiles and see how much retro vibe it could provide.

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