One of the best ways to revitalize your kitchen is the installation of a beautiful new countertop. Countertops have a large impact on the practical function and design element of your kitchen. A well-chosen countertop makes your kitchen more useful and easier to maintain while also going a long way in defining a kitchen’s aesthetic. Quartz and granite are the greatest materials and are highly sought after in a home. These countertops are more durable, less susceptible to scratching, and are available in many different colors and styles. Let our team install a gorgeous new countertop and your kitchen will feel brand new!

Benefits of Quartz

Quartz surfaces are widely popular throughout the industry for their durability, beauty, and texture. These countertops are 93 percent pure quartz, completely nonabsorbent and nonporous. This means spills, cleaning supplies and juices from meats wont seep in.  As a result, these stunning countertops meet the standards of even the most accomplished chefs. They are built to last without extensive maintenance like reconditioning, polishing, or sealing. It’s easy to see why so many people are opting for quartz, take one look at these beauties and you’ll fall in love!

Benefits of Granite

When it comes to granite there are several shades of this rock available. The natural rocks distinctive texture and flow combined with its lustrous surface makes it quite desirable. Yet granite is not all about form, it also provides extensive functionality. It is shockingly durable and will certainly hold steady over time. Like quartz, granite is a popular choice for kitchens and will add significant value to your home.

Wow with a Waterfall

A waterfall edge is sure to cause ooh’s and ah’s! This countertop edge treatment continues gracefully over the edge of the cabinet to the floor, framing the lower cabinets or sides of an island to create a waterfall effect. This stylish addition can revolutionize your kitchen’s look and feel.

Explore the Edge

A countertops edge profile is a strong but subtle detail. You can acquire a clean sleek look with a squared off or eased edge. For a softer appeal use rounded edges like the bullnose or add a touch of elegance with an ogee option. Check out these options for your edgy countertop statement.

  • Eased Edge (GR11)

  • Half Bullnose (GR12)

  • Double Top Bullnose (GR13)

  • Full Bullnose (GR14)

  • Bevel (GR15)

  • Ogee Bullnose (GR17)

  • Ogee Step Bullnosee (GR18)

  • Ogee Square (GR20)

  • Ogee Step Square (GR21)