U-Shape Kitchen Ideas in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County

Convenient for the Avid CookConvenient for the Avid Cook

The U-shape kitchen is a coveted design amongst homeowners who love to cook. It features an optimal work triangle (the convenient proximity of cook top, fridge and sink.) A smooth functioning work triangle promotes efficiency in the kitchen and allows the cook to maneuver easily. It also offers ample storage space that surrounds the cook on all three walls.

Composed of three adjoining walls, a U-shape kitchen doesn’t have a traffic zone flowing through the work area – which is a major perk for the cook. They can prepare meals with freedom while guests mingle on the other side of the counter.

Convenient for the Avid Cook - 2

Another plus when it comes to U-shape kitchens is the amount of counter space. Unlike single-wall kitchens, there is a lot more room to prepare and display food.

In summary, U-shape layouts are best suited for medium or large kitchens because they maximize storage space while flaunting a convenient layout for the cook.

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