Designing an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen – Infographic


More often than not, designing and maintaining a kitchen’s cleanliness is a challenge for most homeowners, and this is because numerous things happen within its bounds. It is no secret that the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home, and for the kitchen to remain clean and functional, the requirement of cleaning and sanitizing it is high.

However, one need not worry about meeting these requirements because there are many ways to achieve an easy-to-clean kitchen. If you are unsure of how to design your kitchen to make it easy to clean, you can read through some helpful tips below. These are designed to provide an idea of how you can create an easy to clean kitchen without compromising the cleanliness of the other parts of your home.

First on the list…

Designing an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen

Buy easy-to-clean appliances.

First-time homeowners tend to get excited about buying the appliances they’ve always wanted in a kitchen. However, these homeowners come to a point where the appliances they bought makes them feel frustrated when the time to clean them comes. Today, purchasing smart appliances are the real deal. Easy-clean appliances are available almost anywhere! These appliances become clean with just one wipe, a simple splash of water, or a simple push of a button. And it is all thanks to innovation that appliances become better.

Choose a simple backsplash.

 While tile is a popular choice as a backsplash for many kitchens worldwide, you may not want to choose it yourself because the time spent cleaning grout is enormous. Should you choose to still go for tiles, reduce grouting, choose a large-format tile style if you want.

However, it is easier to clean backsplashes that aren’t grouted. Quartz slabs, porcelain, and granite are smooth surfaces that can easily be wiped with a sponge or rag. You can also opt for solid surfaces such as mirrors, stainless steel sheets to make your walls practical and easy to clean.

Pro-tip: How you choose your backsplash should also be how you choose the material for your countertops.

Keep open shelves to a minimum.

 While having open shelves in your kitchen may be nice to look at, most of the time, they’re not. Most open shelves in the kitchen are suitable for displaying keepsakes and accent decors, but not appliances or other kitchen tools that might make the open shelves messy after some time. Besides, open shelves accumulate dust, dirt, and oil that adds burden when it’s time to clean.

Have a strong exhaust hood or vents installed.

 Speaking of dust, dirt, oil and grime, exhaust vents are a big help when cooking food as they take these mentioned kitchen nightmares out of your kitchen. Strong exhaust hoods that pull and filter the air in your kitchen reduce the greasy air and the unpleasant smell that might be brought by cooking.

Place a trash bin purposefully.

 At what part of the kitchen do you usually put your grocery for segregation? Where do you typically peel, slice, and dice vegetables or prepare meat for your family? That’s where your trash bins should be to make cleaning up fast.

Some people have it close to or under their sink or dishwasher to put food scraps before washing them conveniently. Others strategically place a second trash bin near their fridge or pantry to simply toss in trash from the said places immediately.

As homeowners, remember that an easy-to-clean kitchen is always possible. You only need to seek information on how to create a low-maintenance but beautiful kitchen through kitchen designers and experts to make time spent in your kitchen less stressful and more enjoyable.

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