Five Elements of a Vintage-Inspired Kitchen

January 9, 2020

Five Elements of a Vintage-Inspired Kitchen

Going retro for your kitchen design can make your kitchen remodeling project a pretty exciting one. With tons of options to choose from, vintage kitchens are indeed becoming more popular, especially for those who wanted to reuse some of their old house decorations.

Maintaining the traditional look is the main focus of a vintage style kitchen, leading many to believe that utilizing old-looking kitchen units can compromise the kitchen’s overall functionality. However, it’s not always the case. In fact, kitchen remodeling companies have found ways to help their clients achieve a vintage-inspired kitchen that can also be used to optimize daily kitchen chores.

Now that such misconceptions have been debunked, let’s focused more on the aesthetic aspect of a vintage-inspired kitchen:

The Elements of a Vintage-Inspired Kitchen

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is a specific space used for storing a collection of different prized dishes, as well as other stuff that can be considered as worthy decorations. A common sight among kitchens of the past, butler’s pantries are known to be a place for butlers to sleep around and keep the keys to its cupboards in order to protect the valuable heirlooms from thieves. While butlers are not that much of a necessity anymore, you can still incorporate this design by dedicating a particular portion of your kitchen for installing a built-in kitchen cabinet that can house a wide variety of decorations.


Looking for hardcore and unique vintage style idea? Perhaps you want to add a dumbwaiter to your options. Dumbwaiters are so rare nowadays that it could quickly become the center of attention once a first-time visitor enters your kitchen. This classic mini elevator is ideal for easy transport of meals between floors, but if you wanted to install a dumbwaiter, make sure that you will warn your children not to play with it.

China Cabinets

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen in the 1920s without sporting this kind of cabinetry. China cabinets, also known as Hoosier cabinets, used to be a staple for many homes regardless of social status. This vintage furniture can be paired up with a butler’s pantry and are still available in some flea markets and thrift shops.

Built-in Banquettes

Built-in banquettes are often built-in kitchens before as a way to optimize the space of the room. To have a built-in banquette, it’s essential to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor if it can be constructed on your existing kitchen layout and use some reference from old kitchen plans.

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