Experiment with These Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re not into vintage and farmhouse style doesn’t rock your boat, if shabby chic isn’t your thing and you think mid-century modern is passe, then perhaps the perfect plan for your new kitchen is a design that’s best described as modern.

Modern kitchen design ideas are many and quite varied. The “term” modern has such a broad definition that it’s difficult to lump all modern kitchen design ideas together. However, they all have some things in common; namely, they’re usually quite state-of-the-art, sleek, and mostly free of frills and other gaudy decoration. Modern kitchens feature straight lines, free-flowing spaces, and mostly muted tones. They likely won’t appeal to you if you’re a traditionalist, but if you like contemporary design, there’s definitely something perfect for you in this list of trendy modern kitchen design ideas.

  • All white kitchens – There’s truly nothing more modern than a totally white kitchen, complete with handle-less cabinets, plain white countertops, white walls, and more. You might think it sounds boring, but it’s actually quite a stunning modern kitchen design plan when done well. You can add bits of color here and there with a bowl of lemons on the counter, colorful bar stools at the island, perhaps a gray floor. Of course, you don’t have to add color at all. A monochrome white kitchen can be stunning on its own.

All white kitchens

  • Black and white (and perhaps some gold) – Almost as iconic as a totally white modern kitchen is the black-and-white modern kitchen design, a true celebration of dark and light. You can choose white cabinets with black countertops or even black cabinets with white countertops. Stainless steel appliances fit in well with this color scheme. Ramp it up a notch by adding some touches of gold. For example, the backsplash is a good place to add a little sparkle, so look for tiles with gold accents (or silver, if you prefer). A gold faucet and gold hanging pendant lights complete this look for your modern kitchen design.
  • Waterfall islands – The so-called waterfall island seems to have become a staple of many modern kitchen design plans. This type of island screams ultra-modern and you can find them in a variety of materials, like quartz, granite, wood, marble, and even concrete. Specifically, the waterfall island is characterized by a frame that sits above and continues down the sides of your island cabinets, like a waterfall. In other words, rather than ending with a finished edge, it heads down towards the floor. Waterfall islands are a wonderful focal point for your modern kitchen design and they are super functional because they’re able to take a beating from kids and pets, more so than standard wood cabinets.

Waterfall islands

  • Color explosions – Many modern kitchen designs offer surprising pops of color. While bright hues aren’t the norm in contemporary kitchens as they may be in retro or art deco kitchens, many modern designers employ a bit of color in their minimalist, otherwise subdued kitchens. One of the best places to do that is the backsplash, where you can go crazy with intricate color weaving and patterns or perhaps just one bright solid color subway tile (like yellow, green, or orange). Even simpler, include some kitchen chairs or bar stools in bright colors or hang some colorful light fixtures over the island or table. You might even consider one single brightly-colored appliance (like a range) for your modern kitchen design.
  • More than one island – If you’ve got the space, you might think about putting more than one island in your modern kitchen design plan. Double islands are trending and each is used for something different. For example, the island closest to the sink and stove remains the main location for food preparation. A second island is generally placed parallel to the first island and is used for entertaining purposes, lined with pub-height chairs or bar stools. It’s an ideal place for guests to sit and chat with you while you’re cooking and it’s also perfect for housing a few extra cabinets for storage. It’s a modern kitchen design trend that you’ll certainly want to consider as you draft plans for your kitchen remodel.

Modern kitchen design ideas are abundant and there’s sure to be a few that spark your imagination and set you to dreaming about the perfect kitchen. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we can help you make your dreams a reality. To view some of our modern kitchen design plans or to talk to us about what might work for your kitchen space, call us today.

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