How to Remodel a Modern Kitchen


What are the adjectives you’d use to describe your kitchen? Tired? Boring? Outdated? Blah?

An old, uninteresting kitchen can certainly bring down the whole vibe of your house. For many, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the family, and when it’s old-fashioned and showing its wear-and-tear, it’s time to think about giving it a facelift, be that a full renovation job or perhaps just some updates that give it a brand new look.

So, what sorts of things can you do to remodel a modern kitchen? And if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, how can you give your kitchen a fresh, new look at just the fraction of the cost for a total gut job?

Well, there are plenty of new design trends that you can employ that will have you wanting to spend more time in your shiny, bright “new” kitchen. Here’s a handful of ideas to help you remodel a modern kitchen.


Change your flooring

If you have an old linoleum floor that’s seen better days, or perhaps ceramic tiles that are chipped and worn, replacing that floor with something different can add a whole new vibe to your current kitchen design. A modern kitchen remodel that includes a new floor can bring many options to the homeowner, from hardwoods to attractive laminates or even stone or cement. Choose something that’s both attractive and long-lasting and consider something quite different from what you have now for a change of pace.

Update the metals on your fixtures and hardware

Brushed nickel is kind of passe these days. It’s been replaced by wonderful metals such as brushed gold, copper, stainless steel, and matte aluminum. That means all your handles, knobs, and drawer pulls could be replaced with one of these, as well as your faucets. It won’t cost much and it’ll totally change the look of your cabinets and sink.

You can also bring these metals into your light fixtures. For example, you can do a modern kitchen remodel with copper pendant lights, which are ideal for contemporary or industrial designs. They’re super cool and affordable, too.

Upgrade your countertops

There are so many newer options for your countertops these days. Gone are the days of Formica or tile and grout. Now you can choose from beautiful materials such as quartz, marble, granite, wood, soapstone, brick, and cement.

All of these options provide you with a different look, so choose something for your modern kitchen remodel that complements the style of your kitchen or something that’s more akin to your taste than what you have now. So many colors and patterns are available, so have fun with this and be creative.

Replace your outdated appliances

Aztec gold and avocado green aren’t trendy anymore. Either is bisque, when it comes to appliances. Stainless steel is the top seller these days but black can be popular with some decors as well. Decide what you think matches your kitchen best and invest in some new appliances.

And while you’re upgrading them, look for models that are super energy-efficient. It’s amazing how much money you can save on your monthly electricity bills when you have a refrigerator that functions more efficiently!

Consider refacing your cabinets

There’s a misconception that refacing is an inferior option to totally replacing your cabinets. The fact is, however, that if your cabinet boxes are in good condition, replacing the doors and hardware is a sensible next step to updating your kitchen. You’ll save literally thousands of dollars on your modern kitchen remodel and the work can be done in just a fraction of the time it would take to remove your old cabinets and install new ones.

Refacing is done with quality materials and installed by professionals who can make your kitchen look like new again. It’s a wonderful option for anyone hoping for a new look for their kitchen or for homeowners who are considering selling soon but don’t want to re-do the entire kitchen.

Add decorative elements

There are so many little things you can do to make your kitchen look up-to-date once again. The right piece of artwork. A fun clock. A bowl of fresh fruit. A painted accent wall. New curtains. Things to which you barely give a second thought can certainly make your kitchen look fresh and new. So think out of the box and paint your own canvas, so to speak.

At, we’re experts in modern kitchen remodels and can help you choose a cabinet refacing option that will complement the other elements in your kitchen, from your countertops to the color of your walls. We’re eager to help you design a new kitchen that not only fits your taste but also your budget. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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