Is It Worth It To Remodel Your Kitchen?


Is It Worth It to Remodel Your Kitchen?

The kitchen has long been the center of American life in homes around the country. While you might think that the most treasured place in your home is the family room, the basement rec room, or some other lively space, statistics show that families consistently gather in the kitchen for together time, both during normal days and for holidays and special occasions.

That’s why kitchen remodeling is so popular. Homeowners want their kitchens to be up-to-date and clean and shiny, brimming with the latest technology in appliances and featuring cabinetry and other items that give the room a modern look. A good, solid kitchen where you can cook up a storm and entertain your loved ones is indeed the heart of any home.

But when it’s time to do that remodel, many homeowners hesitate. After all, kitchen renovations can be extremely expensive and it’s not always within the budget. Many homeowners think they’ll have to save for years on end before they can do that remodel. However, that may not be the case. In addition, it’s been proven that money spent on a kitchen remodel is money you’ll get back in the long run.

How much should I expect to spend?

Yes, kitchen renovations can be super costly depending on the scope of the project. If you’re gutting everything and starting from scratch, Remodeling Magazine reports that you’re likely to spend anywhere from about $60,000 to $120,000  for totally new cabinets, countertops, lighting, tile, flooring, and more. That’s a lot of money!

However, it is possible to keep those costs down and still have a kitchen that looks brand new and will have your neighbors oohing and aahing. You can save 30% or more if you just replace the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, update your appliances and perhaps re-do your floors and lighting. You’ll find that there will also be minimal interruption to your family life if you opt for this simpler and less-costly process.

Obviously, what you spend on kitchen remodeling is up to you, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Saving money on your kitchen remodel

As you look around your kitchen and long for something new and different, it’s always best to look at your budget and plan first. Unless you’ve got a huge budget, it’s likely that you’re hoping to make a big impact without spending a fortune. That means you should first concentrate on ways to save money. It’s also okay to do things in steps if you can’t put out all the funds at one time.

  • Cabinets are front and center and likely the thing that you like least about your old kitchen. You can paint them, but that’s not always a long-lasting solution, especially when it’s not done correctly. Instead, consider cabinet refacing, which doesn’t replace the cabinet boxes but allows you to choose something new and different for your room, nonetheless.
  • Consider replacing the backsplash. You can give your kitchen lots of pizazz with a new tile backsplash in an interesting color or pattern. If your space is small, it won’t cost much and will likely be a one-day project when done by a professional.
  • Replace the appliances. Many big-box home improvement stores offer appliance packages that include a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. If you’ve been living with old appliances that don’t match, this will provide your kitchen with a great new vibe.
  • Don’t discard less expensive flooring options. Everyone seems to want hardwood these days, but there are plenty of laminate and even vinyl options that look up-to-date and are cheaper and easier to maintain.

But will all of this increase my home value?

The answer is a resounding “yes”, whether you spend $10,000 or $100,000. Surveys show that about 80 percent of homebuyers consider the condition of the kitchen to be the most important factor when choosing a home. In other words, they are willing to pay more for a home with a modern, well-functioning kitchen with a great layout. Research also shows that those who undertake small kitchen renovations can get as much as an 80 percent return on investment!

If you’ve been pondering a kitchen remodel and want to know more about your options, which include cabinet refacing and other lower-cost opportunities, head to Mr. Cabinet Care for more information about our company, our services, and our exceptional warranty. Visit us at

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