Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to Incorporate in 2023 – Infographic


Kitchen cabinet accessories can make a massive difference in the overall look of one’s kitchen. Not only are they helpful in maintaining a tidy and organized space, but they also add a personal touch that defines the people living there.

Many different styles and finishes are rampant for 2023, so here are some kitchen cabinet accessories you can incorporate into your kitchen remodeling project to suit your needs:

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to Incorporate in 2023

Arched Top Cabinet

Regarding kitchen cabinet accessory options, arched-top cabinets are expected to grow in popularity in 2023. These cabinets feature a high-end look that can be used in many kitchens. They are trendy in multi-tasking spaces, such as those with multiple islands.


In addition to being stylish, the materials used for this cabinet style are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Kitchen remodeling companies in Pasadena use materials such as old wood or metal, can create these types of cabinets. Other popular options include beadboard, a material used for centuries to provide an attractive, durable finish. It also helps to make a space feel warm and inviting.

Flat Panels and Shaker Styles

One trend seen in the coming of 2023 is modern flat panel cabinets or a more classic and traditional shaker style. Both are popular and offer a sleek and minimalist look that makes them versatile enough for any kitchen design. The only difference that some kitchen designers have between the 2022 kitchen cabinet and 2023 is in inches—slimmer stiles and rails. Another flat-panel style is the use of slabs for cabinets. They are also a great way to bring a contemporary aesthetic to your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Metal Blings

To warm up a space, sometimes using wood is unnecessary. Some kitchen designers use copper, gold, or bronze décor finishes as knobs or cabinet pulls to spice up the kitchen cabinetry. These metals are warm-looking materials that pair well with various color tones and are becoming increasingly popular. It is not a commonly used metal in the interior design world, but it is gaining popularity and is an easy way to add a pop of color to your space.

Adjustable Shelves

Add a pull-out on cabinets that can accommodate multiple heights for bigger bottles and boxes. This will make it simple to reach that one hard-to-reach kitchen item at the end of the cupboard. Because the shelves now come to you, the days of hunching over and putting stress on your lower back while searching through the cabinet are a fond memory that will soon be over.

Lazy Susan and Pan Organizers

And since we are already talking about kitchen item organization, a lazy Susan will always be on the list of cabinet accessory must-haves. Casseroles, bowls, and other awkward-sized cooking dishware are best kept using a lazy Susan. Another is the use of pots and pans organizer. Similar to a pull-out, it’s in a cabinet where a base sliding bottom makes it easy to store this cookware instantly.

Smart Kitchens

Another major trend to match your kitchen cabinetry this 2023 is using innovative technology in the kitchen. This technology is becoming increasingly common, from voice-activated appliances to brilliant, touchless faucets. Creative kitchens can also save energy and help you easily control them with your smartphone.


The improvement of kitchen cabinet accessories in recent years is far from what we have today. Some are just simple modifications of what was to cater to today’s kitchen lifestyle. Your dream kitchen remodeling project need not be a superb undertaking. Sometimes, all you need are a few tweaks to achieve current trends.

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