Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Small Spaces – Infographic


Several design ideas can help you maximize your space if you have a small kitchen. In designing any kitchen space, the cabinetry is a pillar of a stunning kitchen. It is a make-or-break feature that even a kitchen with small spaces needs to consider.

When planning, one needs to ensure that in tiny kitchens, the goal is to make the place more extensive and open. These can include clever corner cabinets, floating cabinets, freestanding furniture, and more. With the concept in mind can create a beautiful, functional kitchen that fits your lifestyle.

Here are some of the best kitchen cabinet designs that work well in small spaces.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Small Spaces

Glass Door Cabinets

One creative way to make your small kitchen look more spacious is to mount cabinets with glass doors. Glass doors reflect light, giving the room a feeling of a larger space. Adding a decorative plate or framed artwork will also accomplish this same effect. But if your budget is tight, you can replace the solid fronts of your cabinets with glass. It may be wiser if your cabinet boxes are still intact and in good condition.

Kitchen Island

If you have a small kitchen, contemplate purchasing an island. It is an excellent mode to improve your worktop and countertop space, and it can double as an extra dining area and cabinetry for your other kitchen items. A small island can also accommodate any specialist appliances you have, such as a dishwasher, microwave, or cooling system.

Open Shelves

Cabinet doors tend to knock into one another, especially those placed in a tight corner. To avoid this, freeing a cabinet door to make an open shelf will help give your kitchen look more spacious. You can also make it a cabinet focal point by painting it a color that matches your kitchen’s color scheme.

Base Cabinets

Aside from installing wall-mounted cabinets, one option that may work for you is base cabinets—situated on the top of a cement base – often a counter, it serves as a sturdy foundation. It keeps the standard gas tank, sink, and dishwasher out of sight.

In addition to cabinetry…

Your small kitchen should be well-lit. One solution is to install downlights or add LED strips underneath the cabinets. Light will bounce back into the room, making your small kitchen feel larger.

Remember that lighter tones make your small kitchen look more prominent when choosing colors. Avoid dark tones, which will make your space feel smaller. Instead, use colors that will draw attention to exciting areas. It can also be helpful to use a two-tone color scheme to highlight the upper cabinets.

For example, painting the walls, a pale green will make your kitchen blend in with the rest of your living space. Similarly, adding a rug will give the room some pattern and color. If you want your small kitchen to feel more spacious, consider leaving one wall free from cabinets. Leaving the wall empty can keep the room feeling light and airy.

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