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Cabinet Hardware Installation in San Diego & Orange County

Whichever route you choose for your kitchen remodel—refinishing, refacing, or custom cabinet installation—it can’t be complete without the accessories. From knobs to pulls to soft-close drawers, there are endless options for you to create your dream kitchen down to the smallest detail. Mr. Cabinet Care is happy to offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling services for all of your needs in Southern California, including a broad range of hardware styles and colors to make your space exactly that—yours.

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Custom Cabinet Accessories as a Part of Your Complete Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, or San Bernardino County

Custom Cabinet Accessories as a Part of Your Complete Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, or San Bernardino County

Kitchen cabinet accessories can transform your kitchen from an array of cluttered countertops to the most organized room in your home. Check out the extensive list of cabinet accessories from Mr. Cabinet Care:

  • Under-cabinet LED lighting – For reading recipes in the evening or for adding ambiance to your entertainment space, under-cabinet lighting gives your kitchen both fashion and function.
  • Pull-out spice drawer – Instead of dealing with a mess of falling spice bottles every time you open your overhead cabinet, you can have organization and accessibility with a pull-out spice drawer to keep your spices in arms reach.
  • Spice drawer insert – If you’re an expert chef or just beginning to experiment with new recipes, you probably have a lot of spices in your repertoire. The best way to keep them in order is to use a spice drawer insert with tiered shelving for ultimate organization.
  • Super Susan – Compared to a standard lazy Susan, a super Susan reaches the back of your cabinet and does not have a middle pole, allowing you to store more items without the risk of dropping things in hard-to-reach places.
  • Half-moon lazy Susan – This innovative type of lazy Susan has shelves that extend out of your cabinet, allowing easier access to the items and appliances you need.
  • Tip-out drawer – Always wonder about that wasted space under your sink? Install a tip-out drawer to conveniently store your sponges.
  • Pegboard drawer insert – To keep plates and bowls easy to reach, use a pegboard drawer insert to make sure your dining ware is sturdy and safe.
  • Utensil drawer insert – For organizing your dining and cooking utensils, a utensil drawer insert is essential.
  • Open corner shelves – Instead of wasting the extra space around the corners of your cabinets or kitchen island, install shelves to display your favorite cookbooks or special china.
  • Built-in cabinet plate storage – This smart built-in cabinet feature beautifully displays your plates and keeps them handy.
  • Single bin trash cabinet – Conceal your trash (and its odors!) with a single bin trash cabinet.
  • Double bin trash cabinet – Easily access both trash and recycling with a double bin trash cabinet.

In addition to all of these customizable cabinet accessories, Mr. Cabinet Care also offers comprehensive sink and faucet installation services for homeowners in Southern CA.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Features from Mr. Cabinet Care in Anaheim

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Features from Mr. Cabinet Care in Anaheim

To make your custom kitchen uniquely yours, you need a remodeling company that understands your vision and can offer all of the features you need. For the best remodeling services from San Bernardino to San Diego and everywhere in between, get in touch with Mr. Cabinet Care. As you can see in our gallery, we help you create your dream kitchen from start to finish, and no detail goes untouched. To see our wide variety of cabinet hardware options and custom cabinet accessories up close, please feel free to visit our showroom.

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