Kitchen Designers Top 5 Tips

To get the most out of your first meeting with a kitchen designer, here’s what we recommend doing beforehand:

1) List Your “Wants” and Your “Needs”

Start with a sheet of paper, create two columns. On one side, write out your “needs” – the things that you consider essential in the remodeling project. On the other side, list your “wants” – the things that you’d like, but are optional.

These can be physical items, like a new countertop or bay window. They can also be a little more abstract: a lighter color scheme, for instance, or perhaps an open view to the front door.

Feel free to include everything you can think of! You can work through this together with the designer consultant and hammer out the details.

2) Collect Some Inspiration!

For a fun and useful exercise, you might want to put together an “idea binder”. This doesn’t have to be a literal binder, of course – it’s just a collection of designs that appeal to you.

You can easily find inspiration in online galleries: everything from Pinterest to the Facebook or Instagram pages of your local kitchen remodeling company. Maybe bookmark a few pages in your latest home design magazine. Got a friend or family member with a gorgeous countertop or trendy backsplash? Snap a photo and add it to the pile!

This is all just brainstorming, so don’t worry if your ideas feel mismatched. You and the designer can work through them together, and come up with something really remarkable.

3) Develop A Budget

Designers know product lines and costs better than anyone, and often have great relationships with a variety of vendors.

With that said, it’s very helpful to come prepared with a general idea of how much you’re able/willing to spend. It makes the planning stages easier, and you might be surprised at how much of an impact even small budgets can deliver. Besides, you’ll be far happier with a kitchen that you can afford!

4) Think About Appliances

Many people choose to replace one or more major appliances, swapping out their existing models for something more modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your current fridge, oven, or dishwasher, But if you do so, it’s a good idea to get their dimensions before meeting with the designer – that way, you can factor their footprint into the design.

5) Write Down Any Questions You May Have

Remodeling your kitchen can be a very exciting time! And when the realization that “this is happening” kicks in, it’s easy to get carried away with enthusiasm. But of course, there are tons of details that go into the process, and if you have any concerns, this is the perfect time to address (and hopefully resolve!) them.

If you think of any questions to ask your designer – whether they’re about color options, design choices, timeframes, or finances – it’s good practice to write them down right away. That way, you won’t forget anything during the appointment.

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