Best Kitchen Items to Store on Your Kitchen Counters – Infographic

The kitchen counter, or more commonly known as the countertop is an area in the kitchen designed to provide necessary space for essential household tasks such as food preparation. Due to constant use, kitchen counters tend to look more cluttered and disorganized, making your daily chores more difficult and time-consuming.

Did You Know?

Kitchen Counters are named from the Latin word “contra,” meaning “against” It was so-called as a counter because of its similarities with the “counter” in a shop, referring to a surface where purchasing transactions where made.

To help those who always find their kitchen counters in a complete mess, here’s a simple guide for you!

Best Kitchen Items to Store on Your Kitchen Counters - Infographic

What You Should Store on the Counter:

  1. Coffee Maker – If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably prefer starting your day with a cup of joe. To keep things easier for you, you can designate a little area in your kitchen counter as the “coffee zone.” You can store your coffee maker in this zone, together with other items you use for making coffee like mugs, coffee, and coffee filters.
  2. Salt/Pepper Shakers – Your condiments must be well kept in an area where you can spot it right away while cooking. Aside from spice racks, there’s no better place for your salt and pepper shakers than the kitchen counter.
  3. Paper Towels – Kitchen counters tend to be installed within close proximity of the sink, where you usually get your hands wet for washing the dishes. If you have the same layout in your kitchen, paper towels certainly deserve a spot on your counters as well.
  4. Canisters – Canisters can be reused by putting it on your kitchen counters and host smaller items like napkins and any grab-and-go snacks.
  5. Dish rack – A dish rack can also be kept within the premises of the kitchen counter in case that you prefer washing your dishes by hand.
  6. Basket – Baskets are ideal for kitchen counters for storing random stuff such as fruits and vegetables.

Things That You Should NEVER Store on the Counter

While your kitchen counter can host a wide variety of items, it doesn’t mean that you can use it as universal storage for everything. Below is a list of things that shall never be stored within your kitchen counters:

  • Any kind of decorative collection – Your kitchen counters must serve its primary purpose, which is to save space for things that you typically use every day. If you have your own collection of figurines, teacups, and expensive dishware, better put them on the upper cabinet shelves or mount them on a wall with a hook.
  • Serving pieces – Serving pieces are more ideal to be placed on cabinet shelves. Avoid putting them on your kitchen counter.
  • Rarely used appliances – You can instead store your rarely used appliances on the lower shelves of your kitchen cabinet to prevent wasting space.

To maintain an orderly kitchen, you should sometimes pay attention to your kitchen counters. Assess every kitchen item properly and make a systematic decision on which goes where. Only then you can optimize your daily chores and focus on more important aspects of household life!

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