Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love: Design and Layout

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love: Design and Layout

Whether you’ve got a small space or a huge area to fill, ideas for kitchen remodeling are vast. As you consider the design and layout for your remodeled kitchen, you can look to some of the newest ideas by today’s designers for inspiration to create a room that will provide you with everything you need, from modern cooking options to spaces where you can relax and entertain.

Consider some of these design and layout possibilities:

  • Ideal for entertaining – If you’ve got a house full of people every Friday and Saturday night and they tend to hang out in the kitchen, you’ll want a design that’s perfect for parties and other gatherings. Think large islands with plenty of stools, where your friends can watch you prepare a meal, and a sizeable space for an additional table and chairs.
  • All about texture – If you’re looking for contrast but aren’t sure how to do it, consider using a mixture of different kinds of materials in your kitchen remodeling ideas. You might mix stark white subway tiles with a plush patterned rug or wooden cabinets with metal barstools and a concrete floor. There are so many options to consider!
  • Farmhouse flair – You don’t have to live in a farmhouse to do farmhouse. You can include beautiful wood floors and exposed wooden beams and pair them with contemporary style cabinets to produce a modern farmhouse look that’s perfect for whatever style house you own.
  • Creative color palettes – Use color in your kitchen, and we’re not just talking about the walls or the backsplash. Be playful and paint your island purple or your cabinets sky blue. Gone are the days when your cabinets need to be wood-toned or white. Grey is a popular color these days, and you can choose any hue from an almost-white gray to something much darker. Also look for retro appliances, which you’ll find in amazing reds, pinks, blues, and more.
  • Open spaces – Turn on HGTV and all they’re talking about is “open concept”. A home with large open spaces indeed tends to be more appealing and certainly brighter than one with lots of walls. So, if you can do so, consider taking down that wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house and choose a layout that lets it naturally flow into the adjoining rooms.
  • Bronze is boss – It used to be that most kitchen fixtures were matte or brushed nickel or, on rare occasions, gold. But bronze is the metal of the century. It’s great for industrial kitchens but also works with other styles as well. Look for bronze light fixtures, bar stools, cabinet hardware, and other décor pieces. Bronze also looks great with black, so consider a dark color for your countertops if you’re choosing this versatile metal.
  • Do dramatic – If you want your kitchen to stand out and look extra contemporary, browse kitchen remodeling ideas that include plenty of black–black cabinets, black island, and black countertops. Gold or bronze pendant lights are great for over the island and perhaps a marbled white floor can keep it from being too dark. Nonetheless, you won’t need a lot of accessories to maintain the drama.
  • Streamlined and functional – Some people don’t want a lot of frou-frou in their kitchen. They want it to be functional for what it is – a place to cook and eat. So keep the palette uncomplicated and don’t get carried away with extras. Plain white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and some exposed shelves give your streamlined kitchen a clean look. If you want to dress it up a little, add some colorful bar stools or floral arrangements. Otherwise, keep it simple.
  • Small but useful – If you have a small kitchen, you may not have a lot of storage space but you can still make it work. Organize your layout so that all your cooking needs are on one side (stove, refrigerator) and your cleaning necessities on the other (dishwasher, sink). This way, it’ll be easy to navigate.

Kitchen remodeling ideas are plentiful and there’s undoubtedly something you can find that’ll fit your vibe as well as your budget. Your Mr. Cabinet Care representative can help you peruse designs and layouts that are right for your space and can offer options to make it your own. For more details, visit us at

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