Kitchen Remodeling with Matte Black – Infographic

Looking to find ways of how you can personalize your new kitchen? Regardless if you want to increase the value of your home or to enhance the efficiency of your meal preparation workflow simply, kitchen remodeling is the best option for you.

Investing in a kitchen remodeling project opens many opportunities, especially for those who wanted to express themselves through the aesthetics found in the busiest part of their home. With a wide range of kitchen designs to choose from, it is possible through a kitchen remodeling service to have a kitchen that you can truly call your own.

Speaking about designing your kitchen, color plays a vital role. In case you are still confused as to which color might suit your preferences, why not give matte black a try? Not all kitchens today sport the color black since it is purportedly known to make a space looked cramped when overused. On the other hand, if you will be able to properly apply such color to strategic units or areas of your kitchen, it can bring amazing results, especially in the aspect of aesthetics.

Here are four tips for planning a kitchen remodeling project using matte black:

Kitchen Remodeling with Matte Black - Infographic

Go for a Black Faucet

Because they are often perceived in the conventional color of metallic gray, faucets tend to become pretty much underrated units when it comes to kitchen design. However, smaller details can bring significant changes to the overall look of your kitchen by using unusual and striking colors in which, in this case, black. You can leave the rest of the meal preparation area with other neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige and see the difference.

Integrate Black Design through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing or Repainting

There’s no need for you to replace your old cabinets if the contractor offers kitchen cabinet refacing or repainting. Refacing is not only capable of giving your cabinets a makeover, but it can also upgrade the hardware of your storage at the same time. But if you are low on budget, repainting can be a nice alternative option as well. Both services can let you choose a new cabinet color. Matte black cabinets are extremely elegant when paired with steel appliances and a marble or butcher’s counter.

Establish Contrast with Black Sink

White is always an excellent partner for black. To establish a sense of contrast for your white countertops or backsplash, you can consider having a customized black sink. To prevent the overuse of black, you are free to select a non-black faucet style of your choice.

Integrate Black to Your Kitchen Hardware

The beauty of matte black is more noticeable in smaller details, such as your kitchen hardware. Look for black cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and other accessories, so you create an appealing depth to your kitchen storage.

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