Are Luxury Vinyl Floorings a Good Kitchen Investment? – Infographic

June 6, 2022


In this time and age where people acquire a home not just to have a permanent place to live in. They now secure homes as an investment to make a profit out of it in the future. Some prefer pre-owned houses, while others go for brand new ones. They do the remodeling or the final interior design, live in it for a few years, and then resell or open the house for rental. In doing so, one of the things that home buyers or tenants evaluate is the quality of the kitchen floorings.

Kitchen floors are often the most significant deciding factor in home selling or renting. For this reason, people in the kitchen and home remodeling industry often suggest that homeowners use LVF or luxury vinyl floorings. Discover why using LVF for your kitchen and home remodeling may be a good asset and investment.

Are Luxury Vinyl Floorings a Good Kitchen Investment?

Upscale flooring at a reasonable price.

As the kitchen is the busiest part of the home, there comes a time that it will need a look update, especially with the floor. So, if you need motivation in kitchen preps, then it’s time to switch to luxury vinyl tile or planks. It is an excellent investment because it is made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, making it look like hardwood. Achieving a timeless kitchen look need not be way too expensive. You can achieve elegance with LVFs.

Comfortable walks.

Comfort and functionality play an essential role even on kitchen floors. Preparing food and standing a long time in the kitchen should feel less hassle. This means it must be durable and withstand heavy foot traffic and spills. And if you want to walk on your kitchen floor comfortably, LVFs are the way to go.

Many luxury vinyl planks feel like actual floors, thanks to a cork underlayment. Engineered vinyl floors are more durable than other floorings and are good sound insulators. However, not all these floors have underlayment, so you may have to choose an alternative cushioning.

Cleaning up made easy.

Luxury vinyl floorings have been a trend in the market because of their stylish designs, affordability, and durability. But aside from that, many homeowners and kitchen designers prefer this because it doesn’t require much maintenance. All you have to do for luxury vinyl tiles is regular waxing and polishing, while luxury vinyl planks only need regular sweeping. These LVFs are also waterproof, so spills can easily be wiped up.


Luxury vinyl tile and plank are both excellent options for a kitchen. The price tag is relatively low and can save you a lot of money over hardwood and tile floors. Plus, they’re relatively easy to install, requiring little or no special equipment. However, it would help if you were to use a high-quality finish.

Luxury vinyl floors last for years, so consider how much you’d like to invest in your flooring. A high-quality kitchen floor is essential for your happiness and is well worth the present and future value.

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