Why is Low Maintenance Quartz Important in a Kitchen Countertop? – Infographics


Homeowners know that low-maintenance countertops in a kitchen are an asset to any home. With the kitchen being considered the busiest place in the household, nobody wants to spend hours just maintaining a countertop after long hours of food preparation. For this reason, durable and low-maintenance countertops are in demand—especially ones made of quartz. Recently, it has been an in-demand countertop option aside from granite and glass.

If you are curious as to why it is, read on and learn why low-maintenance quartz countertops are essential in the kitchen:

Why is Low Maintenance Quartz Important in a Kitchen Countertop?

Quartz is best when it comes to low-maintenance solutions.

In addition to its natural beauty and durability, quartz is easy to clean and is stain-proof because of its non-porous properties. It is resistant to oils, spills, and corrosion. Also, it has no pore-like areas, meaning no bacteria or germs can hide. When it comes to cleaning, it only requires a soft cloth, warm water, and gentle dish soap. These properties make it an excellent choice for residential and commercial kitchens as they are also scratch-resistant. This means that quartz countertops do less work for anyone who loves to cook.

Colour and texture choices help in a laid-back, low-maintenance kitchen look.

Concealing spills and smudges is possible because of the kind of quartz design you are to choose. For example, choosing variegated quartz—those that show swirls of color is good at concealing smudges and crumbs even before someone else sees it. It’s a good time for you to wipe it down with a clean cloth before anybody notices.

Another advantage it gives homeowners is that the elegant and modern design of a countertop made of quartz can nearly be matched with any design or style you want. The sky’s the limit! And because most quartz countertops have a color that fits the minimalist category in home design, it contributes to the low-maintenance and relaxed look of the kitchen. You’ll never get tired of inviting friends and family over to your home and preparing food for them because of the inviting atmosphere it offers.

Quartz countertops help you save money.

Unlike other countertops that need regular check and sealing, quartz countertops do not require you to do the same. Countertops made of granite, marble, or glass need sealing, not quartz. Its non-porous quality and the resin that binds quartz particles made it possible not to need sealing. As resin becomes the binding agent of the countertop, there will be no room for holes or cracks. This means there is also no room for germs, moisture, and mold to seep into it.

Manufacturers also give generous warranties to customers who choose quartz countertops, making their durability possible. Many kitchen remodeling companies are confident about a quartz countertop’s material features. As for these kitchen professionals, many homeowners are aided by choosing low-maintenance countertops to save money. It allowed them to allot the budget they kept from sealing onto other essential investments in the home.

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