How to Make Your Kitchen More Family-Friendly

October 19, 2020

How to Make Your Kitchen More Family-Friendly

Establishing a family-friendly environment inside your home sounds like an easy task – until you start fixing things in the kitchen. Since the meal preparation area is widely considered the busiest part for most households, organizing stuff can be a challenge.

In case you are opting to seek the help of a kitchen remodeling company, you can grab the opportunity to redesign your kitchen in ways that will turn it into a more functional place for everybody – especially for kids!

Here are some of the tips that can guide you in achieving a more family-friendly kitchen:

1. Keep an Open Floor Plan

If your kitchen is suffering from a lack of space, you can always go for an open floor plan that consolidates the dining and meal preparation area. This will create an illusion of a wider space, making it more convenient to move around.

On the other hand, those who own larger kitchens are advised to set up a couple of kitchen islands. The first island will provide the necessary counter space for keeping your ingredients for cooking, while the second one can be utilized for specific social functions like eating breakfast.

2. Upgrade Your Refrigerator

If possible, you can change the configuration of your fridge so that the drawers will be more accessible for the rest of your family members. Put the items that your children can consume in compartments that are quite reachable for their height. Just make sure that you will label the things in that drawer and tell your kids so that they have the permission to take them out whenever they wanted.

Make Your Kitchen More Family-Friendly

3. Storage Should be the Priority

The critical factor to be considered in a family-friendly kitchen is no other than the storage. Having ample storage solutions will enable you to secure your most valued kitchen items and tools while providing a personalized area for others to store their things as well. One way of expanding your storage is through the use of pantries.

4. Go for Low-Maintenance Kitchen Units

You have to expect that the other members of your household will spend more time in your kitchen, so opting for easy-to-clean units are the best choices for your kitchen remodeling project. You will have to deal will the potential accumulation of mess and clutter, so never forget to ask manufacturers whether the appliances or countertop you are purchasing is low-maintenance.

5. Invest in Some Multi-Purpose Appliances

To maximize the use of space, a kitchen-friendly design must also take advantage of the latest kitchen appliances, specifically those that can perform multiple tasks. Examples include slow cookers, convection microwaves, electric kettles, etc.

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