Modern Kitchen 101: What is a Scullery Kitchen?

Scullery, the word brings to mind a medieval wash chamber, dimly lit, where knights would prepare their sword and shields. However, we don’t have knights and medieval times, so scullery now means a modern-day kitchen, usually located in the kitchen of a large country house or a large apartment.

Typically, a scullery consists of a sink, a work surface, a cabinet, and a door leading to the garden. It can also be located beside a bathroom to hide the mess inside. For those who have a large kitchen and plenty of clean dishes to be washed, the modern scullery kitchen offers a lot of space and storage for all your kitchen needs.

Modern Kitchen 101: What is a Scullery Kitchen?

Advantages of Scullery Kitchen

One of the benefits of scullery kitchens is that there’s no need to dust and mop the sinks. A scullery kitchen has a special mirror attached to the wall, allowing the cooks to see what’s going on behind the closed doors. In most kitchens, there’s usually one dishwasher, two to three pots, and a large sink to wash those dishes in. There’s also enough room inside the kitchen to move around freely and prepare several dishes at once. In the case of small country homes without kitchen islands, it’s usually impossible to prepare more than one dish at a time. Still, with a scullery kitchen, this scenario is easily possible.

The other benefit of having a scullery kitchen is for extra cooking space. Usually, when you’re cooking for a large number of people, extra preparation time is needed, so you won’t be able to devote much time to cooking. If you’re in a hurry, you may end up cooking more than you should be because of insufficient storage space in your main kitchen. Even if you have extra space, you may find it difficult to navigate since your cooking equipment will occupy most storage space. With a scullery kitchen, you can dedicate one area for preparing food, leaving the other areas of your central kitchen free for other activities.

A scullery kitchen is ideal for families with kids or those who like to entertain on a regular basis. Since the space in a butler’s kitchen is limited, the food prepared by this type of kitchen is also limited. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare extravagant meals if you have the space available in your butler’s kitchen. If you’re only planning on serving light meals, you can still enjoy the benefits of this kitchen style. Scullery kitchens can often be equipped with stoves or microwaves to make your cooking simpler. There is also the option to add a bar and chairs or even a wine cellar for a more formal setting for parties.

Aside from the benefits of having a functional scullery kitchen in your home, there are also some fun things that you can enjoy as well. This style of kitchen can be a perfect venue for dinner parties and other events. Since everything needed for a meal is in one place, guests will have no worries about where to go or what to do once they arrive at the home. This modern-day convenience can also be a great way to express your personality when hosting an event.

Key Takeaways

With a scullery kitchen, you can quickly increase the capacity of your kitchen by allowing you to prepare more dishes than what your oven can accommodate. If your family loves to eat many different types of food, you can use this setup to prepare delicious appetizers and side dishes. You can also take advantage of having a more extensive selection of foods to prepare, which will give you endless options when entertaining. The benefits of a scullery kitchen are not only limited to your own home. They are also great for hotels, restaurants, and schools.

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