Less is More: The Minimalist’s Kitchen

The quest for a beautiful, minimalist kitchen is nothing really new. People in the know have been implementing it for centuries, even in China and Japan. This type of kitchen design results from too much clutter taking up too much room and needs to be put out to make the room spacious, light, and airy.

It can also be appealing because it eliminates the need for any excess appliances or extra counter space. Read on some tips on achieving and maintaining the less is more principle of a minimalist kitchen.

 On Cabinets and Appliances

 On Cabinets and Appliances

 Decide whether you want to purchase prefabricated or customizable kitchen cabinets. Prefab cabinets are great if you plan to re-purpose them later. However, customizable cabinets can save you money since you can mix and match materials, paint, finishes, and order what you need. Customized cabinets also allow you to choose sizes and shapes, essential if you work with limited space.

One thing to remember about minimalism regarding cabinets is: that you have to get rid of the traditional knobs and switch to simple solid-colored bars instead. On appliances, please keep them in cabinets when not in use. Though many will agree that putting them on the countertop is convenient, it takes up space opposite of the heart of minimalism—the more space is there, the better.

Color Scheme/ Theme

 To achieve a minimalist kitchen will require a little creativity. In addition to choosing appliances and cabinets that maximize space, you will need to make some aesthetic choices that suit minimalist style.

For example, if you want a more naturalistic kitchen, paint the walls in a neutral color, but usually, a minimalist kitchen always goes for a color palette from the same family to make the kitchen more straightforward and more spacious than it already is. Alternatively, choose light-colored cabinets to contrast with the darker walls. Consider using window treatments to filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays and add warmth to the room.



 If you want to achieve a minimalist kitchen, there are many ways to do it, and one of the simplest ways is through using empty containers instead of using a lot of containers and utensils. You can fill up empty containers and place them in a box that you have to fill with clean materials like sponges, towels, and other items, then keep them away. Removing clutter and cluttered space will give an overall better image for your kitchen, reflecting your less is more personality.

Another easy way to maintain a minimalist kitchen is to eliminate all those little but big and bulky kitchen appliances that you haven’t used in years. Those appliances take up a lot of room and space, which means there’s a lot of space around your kitchen that you can fill with new furniture, storage units or leave it be.

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