New Kitchen Design & Photos: Laguna Niguel Remodel

Our clients in Laguna Niguel wanted to makeover their outdated kitchen into something more functional and modern in design. They asked, and we delivered! Join our blog writer and design enthusiast, Bethany Michaels, as she reveals the special touches that bring this kitchen to life and make it truly unique:

Kitchen Design: Modern and Functional

Kitchen Design Modern and Functional

The overall design of this kitchen is a mix between modern and eclectic. By combining different elements like stainless steel thermofoil doors and light wood tones, an interesting aesthetic is born. Notice the minimal design of the grey desk chairs, which are tucked under a custom wooden bench we created. Also, the light floors paired with dark countertops acheive a dramatic effect.


Countertop Material Tropical Brown GraniteCountertop Material: Tropical Brown Granite

Most slabs of tropical brown granite have tight patterns of brown, beige, and black specks. Depending on what granite lot you choose, the texture will vary minimally, but is usually very uniform. Also, the shades of browns and blacks can vary from light to dark.


Our clients were not making use of their mini work station, so they opted to transform it into a built-in wine cabinet. We created these custom cubbies to house their favorite flavors of wine, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. What do you think?

Countertop Material Tropical Brown Granite - 3

To create a modern look, we added some interesting features like modern steel pulls and stainless steel thermofoil doors. We also installed a stainless steel toekick (that compact space between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor) which offers functionality and a beautiful design aesthetic by incorporating the modern stainless steel look all the way to the floor. To add an element of luxury to this kitchen, we extended the countertops to create a full granite backsplash.

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