How to Prevent Your Sinks from Being Clogged – Infographic

Cleaning your sink is perhaps one of the most tedious tasks that you need to do every single day in the kitchen. There can be nothing more annoying than taking off every dirty debris that you might find on its draining area, or when the water started to overflow, turning your sink into a small lake of mess. Leaving your sink in such a pitiful situation could bring adverse effects not only on the look of the kitchen but also for the health of everyone within the household. Clogged kitchen sinks are the best breeding grounds for almost any sort of bacteria, especially those that could cause diseases.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can do yourself to prevent your sinks from being clogged:

How to Prevent Your Sinks from Being Clogged Infographic

Put some hot water on the sink after each use

Running hot water through the sink after using it enables random stuff such as oils and food scraps to simply flow over the drain. You can also combine the hot water with a handful of baking soda to neutralize any foul odors that might come even after you got rid of all the muck lingering in your sink.

Use drain screens

Another effective way to prevent your sink from being clogged is by using drain screens. This tool can fit on a wide variety of drains and serves as the first line of protection from any gunk that could block the way of water to your pipelines. It also makes cleaning your sink much more convenient as you can take the drain screen off once it gets full of filth.

Reminder: Make sure you clean your drain screens just as often as you clean your sink!

Avoid dumping oils and cooking grease on the sink

Oils and cooking grease are usually notorious for being the biggest culprits when it comes in getting your sink extremely cloggy. Those things are quite stubborn and can easily stick on your pipes, so you should always take extra care when putting your greasy or oily cooking equipment on the sink.

You can pour any traces of grease and oil on a sealed bag or container and throw it in the trash before washing them.

Aside from grease and oil, here are some of the other things that you should never put down on your kitchen drain:

  • Eggshells
  • Large amounts of hair
  • Coffee grounds

Have your plumbing system check every two years

The clogging on your drains could also be blamed on any accumulation of stuff within the pipes themselves. In this case, you should seek the help of your local plumber. The rule of the thumb is that you must have your pipes inspected at least once every two years.


By keeping the drain of your sink free from any accumulation of excess waste, rest assured that you don’t have to worry anymore on your drains getting clogged from time to time!

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