Four Things to Remember When Planning a Minimalist Kitchen – Infographic

Minimalism is a form of abstract art that originated from the United States during the 1960s. It is often characterized by the use of simple geometric shapes such as square and rectangle. This is because practitioners of this artform believed that beauty is best to be expressed in its purest form by focusing on its essential qualities and removing all the unnecessary details.

The influence of the minimalist movement became popular in different artistic disciplines including the music industry. And with more people getting curious with what makes such an artform attractive, it eventually made its way to the kitchen remodeling industry.

When it comes in kitchen design, minimalism can be synonymous with the word “simplicity.” While it might sound like an easy task to design a kitchen of minimalistic design, it is important to balance everything out to prevent compromising the functionality of your meal prep area. This is why it is still better to seek the help of a kitchen remodeling company than doing it yourself.

Some details in a conventional kitchen design can be misidentified as unnecessary in a minimalistic approach. However, there will be times that each detail serves an underlying purpose that benefits the owner’s kitchen lifestyle. To achieve a minimalist kitchen the right way, here are several things that you should keep in mind before doing the design.

Four Things to Remember When Planning a Minimalist Kitchen - Infographic

1. Installing a Kitchen Island

Many minimalist kitchens are keeping a linear layout, which means that the spare space on the adjacent area can be allotted for a monochromatic countertop, usually made from quartz. Having an extra counter space doesn’t make a kitchen design too complicated, and you can even expand your storage through its cupboards.

2. Keeping it Natural

To avoid your kitchen from looking bland, it is better to add some natural materials that you can integrate on your storage or wall. Examples include wood and white marble backsplash. Another alternative way of making your kitchen appear natural is by sticking to a neutral color palette (i.e. black/white, beige/gray, and brown/cream).

3. Installing the Storage

Your kitchen’s base cabinets can be equipped with some doors and a handful of drawers for organizing your cooking tools and utensils. As for the wall, you can opt for a set of open shelves instead of upper cabinets. Keeping your upper storage open makes the entirety of the area cozy and provides easier access for your spices and wine bottles.

4. Your Lifestyle

Despite having the common trait of being simple and less-cluttered space, minimalist kitchens might differ in terms of how the design is implemented. The outcome of your kitchen remodeling project will always depend on meeting your needs, which in turn depend on your lifestyle. Make sure to spend some time talking with your kitchen remodeling company so that you can refine the overall plan before the designing process takes place.

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