The Smarter Kitchen: Work from Home Kitchen Designs

April 15, 2021

The Smarter Kitchen: Work from Home Kitchen Designs

Those who travel to work every day never saw it coming!

How many of you ever thought that your new “office” would be your dining room table or kitchen counter? But with 2020 came a pandemic and with the pandemic came the need to find a new way to work safely. As such, more than 50 percent of Americans were – at one time or another during 2020 – working from their homes. Many continue to do so.

This brought all sorts of logistical challenges, especially for families with children who were also attending school from home. Suddenly, every room in the house was fair game and everyone had to have a dedicated place in which they could get their work done.

Many newbies to the work-from-home situation have naturally turned to their kitchen as the logical place to set up their home office. Why? Largely because there are usually large surfaces on which they can spread out, plenty of outlets for technology, and good lighting that lends itself not only to cooking but to working, too.

However, you might find it necessary to make some changes in order to organize the spot you’ll need to accommodate your daily work chores.

Assess your needs

Obviously, your kitchen isn’t the ideal office but with a little extra creativity and perhaps some help from a kitchen design expert, you can turn it into a very ample space for working from 9-5 or whenever you need to have a dedicated workspace.

First, take a moment to think about what that looks like for you. Everyone’s job is different so everyone has different needs. Perhaps you only require a small space for your laptop and some pens/pencils and a note pad. If so, a small nook or even your island countertop may suffice. But if you need to access a desktop computer and require a lot of other supplies to make it through your day, you may need to make some alterations to the current layout of your kitchen.

So, before you start to do this, try to get a solid idea of how much square footage you’ll need and where you can set up so that your space is as private as possible, out of the line of traffic, and quiet.

Consider the corners

Kitchen design experts point out the best place to add a workstation to your kitchen, should you need to do so, is in an unused corner that serves no other purpose other than as empty space. This is easy and usually doesn’t involve any structural changes. Simply add a small desk and chair and you’re literally in business! You might also consider adding some floating shelves above the desk or even a wall-mounted storage cabinet that matches your current décor. You could also add a cork backsplash to pin up notes and messages.

Use other spaces wisely

Use other spaces wisely

Of course, those corners usually make for quite a tiny office and you may require more space. So, look around and consider where you can make some adjustments or additions.

  • If you have a waist-high countertop with space underneath, just pull up an ergonomic chair and you’re ready to get going.
  • Got a pantry or closet in the kitchen that you can clear out? Often times, closets are just the right width for a desk and/or cabinet you can use as a workstation.
  • If you don’t want to add a desk, consider an extension of one of your kitchen countertops, if space permits. Then just add a bar stool. (Remember to buy one with a back on it and perhaps a cushion so you can sit comfortably.)
  • Create a blended kitchen and workspace. If you can’t really dedicate a piece of your kitchen to your work-from-home area, use a part of the kitchen that can serve both purposes. Perhaps create a workstation for which the lower half serves as your computer desk but the top still functions as storage or display for dishes, glasses, etc.
  • You might also consider a space in the hallway beside the kitchen. You can create it by adding a desk and cabinets that match your kitchen décor so that one blends seamlessly into the other. Your kitchen designer can help you with that task.

Remember to talk to your designer about other essentials as well, like adding some extra lighting and outlets. Even when your work-at-home time ends – if it does – these are all extras that can come in handy at any time.

For more information about converting your kitchen to a suitable and useful work-from-home space, talk to the experts at Mr. Cabinet Care.


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