Spark up your Creativity with these Unique Kitchen Design Concepts – Infographic

June 24, 2019

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, one of the vital factors that you should consider is to give your kitchen a sense of originality. You might want to make it something that’s one of a kind. To achieve such a goal, it is important for you to stimulate your creativity a lot in order to come up with something new. If you somehow got an artistic side waiting to be unleashed, now is the best time to do just that. Being adventurous and bold as you conceptualize what your kitchen looks like is the first step. And finding inspiration to make a new concept for your kitchen design can be relatively difficult indeed.

To help you get your artistic brains up and running, here are some of the unique kitchen design concepts to spark up your creativity!

Spark up your Creativity with these Unique Kitchen Design Concepts - Infographic

Taking your furniture to the kitchen

In case you have a lot of space to spare in your kitchen, you might want to consider placing some of your furniture on it. A piece of antique furniture can work wonders when placed on a kitchen following a traditional style. You can also use other furniture like a wooden workbench and picnic table. Just make sure that they’re not big enough so that there’s still some space where you can move around and do your usual chores like food preparation and washing the dishes.

Tile up your walls

Very few kitchens nowadays are opting to upgrade their walls into something that could make it quite livelier. By adding tiles to your walls, your kitchen can beautifully reflect light so that it can appear brighter and provide the illusion of a bigger space. You can choose any kind of tile you prefer – remember that your creativity plays a major role here. You wanted a wall that sports a retro look? Then you’re free to go for exposed bricks. What if you’re looking for an elegant design? You can pick any neutral tile colors like gray. Glossy tiles are best to be paired up with an open shelving style of cabinets.

Glass tiles for your backsplash

The main benefit that you can get from glass tiles is that they can easily complement with almost any trendy kitchen designs available. You can take advantage of this using your backsplash. Again, using your creativity can prove to be an essential factor when selecting the most appropriate glass tile color. Remember that glass tiles have a natural luminescent appearance, so you should pick for the colors that are bright and opaque to maximize their effect.

Install some vintage light fixtures

Your lights can further emphasize the uniqueness of your kitchen as well. Instead of purchasing common light fixtures, start hitting some garage sales, antique shops, or even the online market for vintage-looking lights. The best examples that you can find are old style chandeliers.

Your stock knowledge in art must never be put into waste. Go for these unique kitchen design concepts so that you can have a kitchen that you truly call your own!

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