Our Top 10 Vintage Design Kitchen Ideas

Vintage. Retro. Whatever you decide to call it, it’s a nod to the past. Vintage can be used to described clothes, furniture, even food! Vintage, in most cases, makes us feel good. It makes us smile, remembering yesteryear, and it prompts memories of days-gone-by, when life was a little different than it is today.

The vintage movement has become especially popular in our homes, and kitchens are one of the places where we can have the most fun with vintage items. In fact, vintage design kitchens are a blast to put together, thanks to the fact that so many retro items are readily available, from furniture and appliances to all the accessories that go with them.

If you’re pondering a vintage design kitchen, you’ve probably already thought about the big stuff, but don’t forget that sometimes it’s the small touches that complete the picture and truly make your space look vintage. Here’s a list of favorites for your consideration!

Plate racks – We bet your mother or grandmother had these somewhere in their kitchen. They usually held collector plates that deserved special display. Plate racks were usually placed around the tops of the cabinets near the ceiling and created a sort of border around the kitchen. Now, some islands even include plate racks on each end. However you place them, plate racks are the perfect vintage design kitchen idea.

Plate racks

A hutch – A free-standing hutch to display dishes and other items was often found in a vintage kitchen rather than built-in shelving. You can find them at thrift shops or antique stores and put them to use in your vintage design kitchen. If you’d rather not have a free-standing piece of furniture in your space, ask your cabinet company about hutch-style built-in pieces.

Vintage dishware – Once you’ve got that hutch or open shelving in place, you’ll want to get some great vintage plates to display on it. Consider pieces from companies like Fiestaware™, which made wonderfully bright-colored tableware that’s worthy of display. They’ll be a perfect addition to your vintage design kitchen.

A pull-out cutting board – These were very “in” in kitchens of the past. Pull-out cutting bords are super convenient and mean you’ll never be searching around the kitchen for that elusive cutting board that you don’t remember where you put. Ask your cabinet professional about options for installing one in your vintage design kitchen.

A pull-out cutting board

A breadbox – This is an easy one. Every kitchen from the 1800s to the mid-20th century had a breadbox. Of course, it was to keep your bread fresh but you can put other stuff inside too or just use it as a decorate to help you achieve that look retro. Some can be quite large but it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits your vintage design kitchen.

Beadboard paneling – Want to add a little texture to your plain walls? Retro was all about texture, and beadboard paneling adds just a little of it to your walls. Ideal if you’ve gone with bright white on the walls, beadboard paneling isn’t difficult to install but will look great among the other elements in your vintage design kitchen.

Vintage tile – Kitchens of the 40s, 50s, and 60s (and earlier) were full of tile, much more so than modern kitchens of today. So-called “glass” tile was especially popular. Check out your favorite home improvement store or a tile dealer for vintage options or ask your kitchen specialist where you might find retro tiles. They’re perfect for backsplashes but you might even consider installing a tile countertop as part of your vintage design kitchen.

Swivel stools – If you’ve got an island that can accommodate a few stools, look for some old-fashioned swivel options like the ones you’d find at a soda fountain or at a counter in a diner. Padded ones are ideal. If you locate some old ones that need a little TLC, reupholster them in colors to match your vintage design kitchen.

Vintage signs – Whether you’re harkening all the way back to the 1800s or only about 50 years, it’s fun to find signage that adds to the ambience of your vintage design kitchen. Again, check out local antique shops, which often have some superb options, and it’s best if you can see the signs in person. Look for something that matches your personal interests!

Old-fashioned kitchen textiles – Look for some vintage cotton prints or other fabrics at your local fabric or craft store and use them to create a skirt for your vintage sink, “curtains” for your glass-doored cabinets, or other items that bring your vintage kitchen design back to the era you’re hoping to portray. Old-fashioned rag rugs, vintage potholders and oven mitts, and other such textiles add to the charm of your vintage design kitchen, too.

Whether “vintage” means Civil War-era, the roaring 20s, or the fabulous 50s, you can design a kitchen that reflects the styles of those long-ago days…and the experts at Mr. Cabinet Care can help you get started. For more information or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, call us today!

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