Top 5 Trends in Kitchen Tile Flooring – Infographic

The flooring of your kitchen, similar to other parts of your home is crucial for maintaining the aesthetics of an area, especially the ones dedicated to meal preparation. Having the right flooring has a significant impact on the overall design and ambiance of your kitchen.

When it comes in the leading materials in kitchen flooring, there are still few who can compete with the top choices – tiles and wood. However, tiles have been slowly gaining the upper hand because of its promising benefits, one of the reasons being highly customizable in terms of shape and color.

Are you planning for a kitchen remodeling project? Apart from enhancing your kitchen layout, cabinets, counters, and appliances, you should also consider giving your flooring some next-level makeover! Here are five kitchen flooring trends that you can try:

Top 5 Trends in Kitchen Tile Flooring - Infographic

Cement Tiles

If you are looking for durable and patterned floor design, you can always go for cement tiles. This popular trend in flooring is available in different a range of colors that can be striking enough to make your kitchen highly appealing.

Rectangular Tiles

Square tiles have been the mainstream shape for most kitchen floors. However, one particular tile shape that is available in the market today has been gaining interest among many homeowners despite being an uncommon choice in the past. Rectangular tiles work almost similar to your typical square tiles, but they can give a space a new sense of symmetry.

Attractive Patterns

You can have your kitchen flooring become the center of attention by introducing unique patterns in your tiles. There is a wide range of options available, with some of the most notable patterns include Palmera, black and white, and Herringbone.

Distressed Flooring

Vintage-style kitchens can look even more rustic with the help of distressed tile flooring. While these tiles have undergone artificial aging, pairing them up with other classical kitchen units is an excellent method of turning the kitchen space into a century-old work of art.

Graphic Tiles

Another unique and emerging trend, graphic tiles are for those who wanted to have an eye-catching kitchen flooring design. The patterns that can be made from graphic tiles are almost endless as manufactures are able to use advanced technology to come up with any shapes and colors possible.

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