Top Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Should Try in 2019

Top Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Should Try in 2019

2019 is just fresh and brand new, and what’s the better way to welcome this new year than showing some love kitchen space.

Of all the components in a kitchen, there is one specific item which you should consider updating this year, especially if they already look too boring and outdated. If that’s the case, then giving them a facelift through cabinet refacing or installing additional storages are a great way to make them more functional and as beautiful as brand new this year.

So without further ado, here are the top custom kitchen cabinet ideas you should try in 2019.

Open Shelving

In 2019, open shelving will become a top trend among kitchen remodelers and homeowners alike, and for a good reason. Through this cabinet configuration, you can access your kitchen staples much faster, allowing you to be more efficient when doing your usual kitchen chores.

Open shelves are also a cost-effective way to make your kitchen space airier, plus they are also effective in displaying artsy kitchen items such as mason jars and chinaware, enabling you to up the aesthetics of your kitchen space.

Glass Door Cabinets

The variety of glass panels available in the market make this option very popular among homeowners who are tired of looking at wood door cabinets. Transparent, frosted, textured, or seeded – different types of glass panels can effectively break the monotonous look of traditional kitchen cabinets, allowing you to give your kitchen space a different look than ever before.

Custom Colors

While all-white kitchen cabinets are here to stay, a combination of different hues in kitchen cabinets will surely become a hit in 2019. From dark greens and sea foam to Pantone and matte black – using custom colors is an effective way to make your kitchen storage pop out and make space look livelier and up-to-date.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Should Try in 2019

Come Back of Oak Wood

If you think oak wood is a thing of the past, then you might reconsider your options. In 2019, oak wood will make a comeback, all because of the increasing preference of modern consumers to classic look and durability over synthetic-looking cabinets.

Through oak wood kitchen cabinets, you can make your kitchen space to feel more natural, and when combined with modern hardware accents, can transform your kitchen into an area where classic and modern style collides.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Thanks for its energy efficiency and reliability, LED lighting has become a staple in most buildings these days. In 2019, its utilization will further grow as more homeowners prefer to install under cabinet LED lighting not only to improve the functionality of their kitchen space during night time but also boost its ambience even during day time.

Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your creative juices to flow and help you come up with a strategy on how you want your kitchen cabinets to look in 2019 and years to come. Let the professionals of Mr. Cabinet Care take the stress and uncertainty out of your dream project. We employ a highly skilled team of designers and craftsmen who will walk you through the entire remodeling process from planning to completion. Contact us today for a free, in-home, no obligation quote.

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