Everything You Need to Know About Transitional Kitchen Design – Infographic

Choosing between traditional and contemporary design is perhaps one of the most common dilemmas when planning a kitchen remodeling project. While traditional design provides more emphasis on the timeless and elegant elements that can upgrade the look of your kitchen, contemporary design capitalizes on the aspect of functionality with the use of modern technology to optimize and simplify your daily chores. The benefits that can be reaped from these designs become so appealing that many homeowners are facing difficulties as early as the planning process.

Fortunately, there’s a new and emerging design that’s been steadily gaining popularity over the years. The transitional kitchen design introduces both elements of traditional and contemporary and can be applied to a kitchen in a variety of ways. The rules are pretty limited since this design is meant to stimulate the creative minds of the homeowners and give them a sense of freedom of what they wanted to do with their kitchens.

Everything You Need to Know About Transitional Kitchen Design

Essential Elements of Transitional Kitchen Design

In order for a kitchen design to be considered as “transitional,” it must possess several elements that can help create a framework that makes it appear as a hybrid between the traditional and contemporary. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to have all of these elements in your kitchen, but it would be a significant improvement if you consider one or two of the following:

  • Traditional lighting fixtures on the ceiling or the above the countertops.
  • Geometric and clean lines in different crafted units, such as the countertops, kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • Shaker cabinets or other simple styles of cabinetry.
  • Neutral color palette.

Tips for Turning Your Kitchen Transitional

Mix natural and manufactured materials

The use of natural and man-made materials is a major contributor in providing your kitchen a more transitional look. For instance, you can select wooden materials for your cabinets while opting for an engineered stone for your countertops. You can also pair those units with some kitchen appliances if you want.

Brass Hardware

Brass hardware is ideal for kitchen cabinets with straightforward designs (such as shaker cabinets). Incorporate the use of brass for your other contemporary kitchen units for an added transitional look.

Go for Gray

Most of the transitional kitchens today tend to use different shades of neutral palettes. However, the safest options for new kitchens would be gray, with its ability to induce timeless and sophisticated vibes.

Porcelain Tile Backsplash

Porcelain tile backsplash is by far the most popular choice for transitional kitchens because of its uniqueness in terms of style. It doesn’t specifically follow a particular design since its appearance can hardly be considered modern like glass tiles and stainless steel, or as traditional as ceramic and rough stone tiles.

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