Why are Vintage Kitchens Making a Comeback? ( Infographic )


Retro kitchens evoke a bygone era of simplicity and ease. From their tiled countertops to the wooden cabinetry, this style was favored by families in the suburbs and the country years ago.

However, vintage kitchens are now making a comeback amid the modern and contemporary design techniques for homes in the market. Some homeowners choose to fully channel dated kitchen style for a homey, rustic feel. At the same time, others try to incorporate retro items in the kitchen with their taste of industrial or modern kitchen designs.

In a sense, just like fashion, kitchen designing can be cyclical.

The return of the 40s, 50s, and 60s kitchen styles can be attributed to fond memories that reflect nostalgia. The past is often intertwined with cabinets, kitchen drapes, and appliances common in our parents’ and grandparents’ food preparation areas.

Midcentury kitchen designs—the happy colors—emerged after boisterous situations of the 30s, that is, World War II and the Great Depression. People who happened to land a job, but knew how hard life was, have become intelligent consumers who wanted to save up for quality products—especially the kitchen.

A hundred years later, we are pondering the importance of cooking our food and eating healthy due to the coronavirus pandemic, trying the best to mainly create food from scratch just like how our grandparents would do it.

With that, many homeowners who had the time to remodel their kitchens emphasize healthy food preparation thus reflected in the kitchen items that mirror old-fashioned values.

So, here are several reasons for the popularity of a retro-style kitchen.

Why are Vintage Kitchens Making a Comeback?

Vintage kitchen style is suitable for homes with small kitchen areas.

 Retro kitchens are ideal for small spaces. They are often more functional and decorated with bold colors and metals.

As timeless as it looks, mid-century kitchen designs were created in an era of economic recession and rationing during the Second World War. Despite these challenges, the post-war boom saw increased demand for home goods and products. However, they only buy what they need, when they need it. Available space is maximized, keeping clutter away as much as they can.

The style can be a simple choice or a significant change.

 Wallpapers went out of fashion in the 1960s and 70s, but now, they are back and more popular than ever. If you love the look of these homes, you can update your kitchen with retro touches:

  • pastel hues that match countertops and kitchen appliances
  • decorative flooring like patterned tiles for added kitchen character
  • dining nooks for a quick and distinguishable dining/eating area
  • kitchen appliances, pots, and pans with vibrant colors that are made to look like as if they came from the 60s or 70s
  • retro style furniture pieces that can help you make a balance between vintage and modern designs
  • lighting and fixtures or vintage signs that blend well in your kitchen to that can bring the retro vibe

Choosing a vintage kitchen design is a smart way to update the heart of your home. You’ll get the same functional advantages from a vintage kitchen and have the bonus of making your space more attractive. The retro style is also a good choice for smaller-sized areas.

So, whether you want to recreate your grandmother’s kitchen or have it updated, this style may be just right to try and enjoy.





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