Ways to Achieve a Black and White Kitchen Design


Black and white kitchen designs are timeless and elegant. They’re also easy to decorate. Black and white kitchen design can be used in any style, but it will work well with both modern and older properties. The colors black and white can be paired with rustic wood, marble, or metallics to create a warm finish.

To find the best black and white kitchens, we looked at the top kitchen retailers and kitchen remodeling companies in Anaheim and found several design choices you can incorporate if you are team #blackandwhite!

Be Bold with Accents and Contrasts

It is a design misconception that a black and white kitchen is devoid of any other colors. In fact, a black and white kitchen is great with accents and contrasts.

Black and white goes great with a third color, either as an accent or as a sharp contrast. So, what color goes with a black and white kitchen, you ask?

Popular color accents and contrasts are gray, green, and pink. For example, gray could be incorporated into granite countertops, kitchen backsplashes or as a pale backdrop against the black and white.

Green could be incorporated using household plants, such as leafy ferns, backlit glass terrariums, and walls of hanging plants.

Another clever color palette is a pale pink to brighten a dark kitchen. This works best with laminate flooring so that the pinkish tone is reflected on the cabinets. Such technique does not require high gloss surfaces. However, flat panel cabinets with subtle sheen are best.

If you are looking for something bolder if you are looking to add a third color to your black-and-white color scheme. A striking mauve, sky, or bright color would also work well, especially when they are paired with brass accents, such as bold pendant lights.

Toy with Texture

A bicolor kitchen does not have to be dull and drab. Bold prints and patterns can transform any kitchen to be more interesting and personal.

You can swap in brighter and bolder colors through accessories as well as paint. For example, subtle geometric influences can bring any black and white kitchen to life. Vertical gardens that serve as backdrops, sharp-angled fairy lights that bob high above your countertops, or wild-textured granite backsplashes all add contrast and depth in a black and white kitchen.

You can also experiment with panels carefully carved with geometric patterns. Whether white or black, these textured walls enhance any furniture with shadows between each panel. And if you add a backlight, the understated elegance is on par with any five-star hotel bar.

Material is Important

One of the biggest concerns with black or white kitchens is their potential to appear too clinical. This is something that you should consider when designing your kitchen. Wood is the best way to warm a cool palette. This is a great place to use dark oaks, as well as raw wood counter tops with plenty of knots.

For example, Scandinavian design influences are a great source of inspiration for your black-and-white kitchen. You can use natural materials like stone, oak, and rattan. Dark wood is a striking and traditional choice, which looks great when paired with white and black cabinets. The table and the stools add wooden accents to this mix. Keep the rest of your palette simple.

Another material you can use is marble, which is a match made in design heaven. The more vibrant and colorful the veins, the better. You can incorporate marble in any mix of modern and traditional styles. Whether or black or white, a rich marble backsplash and paneled cabinets add elegance to an otherwise modern design.

There are many more materials you can choose from when planning to create a black and white kitchen. Whether its wood, marble, or the use of metallics, another thing to consider is the various kitchen styles that a black and white kitchen can offer.

In the end…

It’s your style choice that transforms the look of your black and white kitchen.

It can either be traditional and homey, like country-inspired or Scandinavian. It can also be a sleek, high-gloss unit, such as seen in refined modern and loft-style kitchens. Can’t make up your mind? You can design your dream kitchen with an interior design visualizer, such as Design Online, courtesy of Mr. Cabinet Care. Design your dream kitchen here and let their professional team remake it into reality!


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