What are Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets?

What are Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker Cabinets, Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve looked through catalogs full of cabinets and you’ve noticed a style called Shaker Cabinets, perhaps you’re confused by the term. It has nothing to do with trembling or earthquakes but rather a religious sect organized in the United States way back in the 1780s.

The Shakers had a reputation for being very plain, austere individuals and were sometimes known as the “Shaking Quakers” due to their unusual movements during worship services. But while the sect is nearly obsolete now (there’s one Shaker village in Maine), what did stick around was the style of furniture that become part of their simple lifestyle. As a result, Shaker architecture, tables, chairs, cabinets, and other décor are still popular a few hundred years later and continue to appeal to homeowners who don’t care for the ornate.

Clean lines

Shaker kitchen cabinets are known for their simplicity and, as such, are very popular for use in contemporary kitchens or in homes where minimalist décor is embraced. The most basic Shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece door with a recessed center panel and no additional edge detailing. It’s usually available in a variety of woods and finishes but certainly is about as plain as you get, generally devoid of any hardware or featuring only a very simple knob or drawer pull.

More ornate Shaker kitchen cabinets

Some companies produce Shaker cabinets that include a bit more detail. They usually feature some sort of decorative edging or beadboard within the rails and stiles of the door. This adds a little bit more elegance. Cabinet doors such as these are considered transitional and match a wide variety of kitchen designs. They’re perfect for a lot of different remodeling options.

Drawer fronts

Just as with Shaker cabinet doors, Shaker drawer fronts come in a few different styles. You might find a simple one-piece slab drawer front, indicative of the plainest of all Shaker cabinets, or those with a recessed center panel, which are a little bit more ornate and add some additional elegance to the look. These can be used with a simple drawer pull or none, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Color varieties

The most popular Shaker kitchen cabinets are white and are often accompanied by other white elements, such as countertops, floors, and backsplashes. But you can purchase Shaker cabinets that are stained with different wood tones. You might also find Shaker cabinets painted in other interesting colors, such as off-white, gray, or even navy blue. Because of their simplicity, they’re easy to paint should you want to change the color in a few years.

Pairing simplicity

Because Shaker cabinets are so clean and simple, you have the freedom to pair them with just about anything. If you want to dress up the room a little, consider an interesting backsplash in a vibrant color or pattern or perhaps a quartz countertop that includes some interesting colors running through it. However, you can also allow the element of simplicity to run through your entire kitchen, pairing them with white subway tiles, plain countertops, and a wood or laminate floor.

Shaker kitchen cabinets work for anything from traditional farmhouse kitchens with a rustic look to very minimalist rooms that contain little decoration. Because of their simplicity, you – the homeowner – has the freedom to do just about anything else with the room without clashing with fancy hardware or interfering with intricate lines or designs. Shaker décor gives you a clean slate with which to work, so it’s easy to let your imagination soar.

If you’re intrigued by these simple yet elegant cabinets, let the experts at Mr. Cabinet Care tell you about your options for a clean, pristine Shaker kitchen. For further details or to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, visit us at www.mrcabinetcare.com.

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